Stamford slices shine on national pizza list

When New York Magazine waded through hundreds of pizzas to name the best in the nation, they saved a spot for Stamford on the coveted Top 101 list.

The magazine recently released a list of the top pizzas in the country for several different kinds of pizza. From deep-dish, New York style, new wave, thin crust and everything in between, the magazine named the top pies in 11 different categories, adding Stamford-based Colony Grille to the top of the thin crust category in a move that, frankly, doesn’t surprise us.

Here’s what they had to say about our city’s most famous pie:

Hot Oil Pizza

Colony Grill

Stamford, Connecticut

“You can’t help but respect a place that only has one thing on the menu. That’s the case at the Colony Grill, where cracker-thin pizza is the only choice. You can pick your toppings, but the only real decision to make is whether you want that pizza with or without the place’s signature chile-infused hot oil. You want it with.”

And Stamford was in good company; in addition to pies from Brooklyn, St. Louis, New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, and other cities famous for their near-perfect pizzas, Frank Pepe’s and Sally’s Apizza in New Haven were also named to the top thin crust pizzas.

Maggie Gordon