OMNOMCT’s 3rd annual OmNomys

Our friends over at OMNOMCT released the results of their 2013 annual restaurant awards, known as “OmNomys.”

The “OmNomys” are superlative style awards that are garnished upon some of the best restaurants Greater Fairfield County has to offer.  Some of the awards are based on the food served at the restaurants while other awards are based on the ambiance or  level of service the restaurants provide.

We have highlighted some of the bigger awards received by restaurants throughout the area, but if you would like to read their full article, which includes explanations of why each restaurant received an “OmNomy,”  then please visit OMNOMCT.

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2 Responses

  1. Gypsy says:

    Interestingly, these OMNOMY people consider Rowayton to be a city of its own.

    Apparently they don’t realize that Rowayton is only just a section of Norwalk, actually South Norwalk. Rowaytonites pay taxes to Norwalk; their cops are Norwalk cops; and their mayor is the Norwalk mayor.

    I suppose next they’ll say Silvermine is it’s own city too…..!

  2. Veritas says:

    Image 15 is WAY out of date!
    They got rid of that guy shortly after opening.