Tell us: What should CT’s state snack be?

While Connecticut legislators put the finishing touches on this year’s budget and began to wrap up the 2014 legislative session, the New York State Senate was mired deep in debate over a bill that would proclaim yogurt as the official State Snack of the Empire State. Jon Stewart and the cast of The Daily Show explain:

Shockingly enough, for the state that allegedly invented the hamburger and the lolipop, that came up with New Haven-style pizza, and that that—according to local folklore—even turned a pie tin into a piece of sports equipment, Connecticut has no state snack, or state food of any kind! This seriously needs to change, but with so many iconic foods associated with the state, how do you pick a potential state snack?

That’s where you come in. In the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter, tell us what you think Connecticut’s official state snack should be!