Bethel is home to the ‘best ice cream on Earth’

Earlier in the summer, readers voted Ferris Acres Creamery in Newtown the best ice cream spot in the area. But one national food writer says the best ice cream – not only in the area, but on Earth – is actually found in Bethel.

Michael Stern, a food writer for, claims that Dr. Mike’s in Bethel makes the best ice cream. He praises Dr. Mike’s for its simple approach (only 8 flavors of ice cream are available at any given time), and its chocolate ice cream.

“The one flavor you can always count on…is rich chocolate, the most chocolaty food imaginable. It is a devastating concoction with an explosive Dutch cocoa taste carried in custard that is as smooth as iced velvet and as rich as clotted cream,” he writes.

According to The Daily Beast, Stern has co-written more than forty books, started the website and writes for Gourmet magazine, Saveur magazine and Parade.

Dr. Mike’s is named after the dentist who created the flavors and opened the shop at 158 Greenwood Avenue in the 1970s. “Shortly after opening, the original Dr. Mike sold the business to Robert Allison, who now ingenuously answers to the name ‘Dr. Mike.'”

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Lidia Ryan