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Your guide to Fairfield County farmers markets

We are well into spring and that means it’s time for farmers markets in Fairfield County to open. If you live in one of the handful of towns that has a market to open in May, you may have already

Report: New Haven’s Sally’s Apizza is for sale. Sort of.

A legendary Connecticut pizzeria is up for sale according to a report from the New Haven Register. Sort of. Sally’s Appiza on Wooster Street in New Haven has received offers to purchase the business

Video: Make the perfect mint julep for Derby Day

  Jeff Marron, the new beverage manager at The Whelk in Westport, (among others in chef Bill Taibe’s expanding local empire), brings us this guide to mint juleps just in time for the Kentucky

Sneak peek: Best Daym Takeout

Daymon Patterson, a/k/a Daym Drops, the dude from upstate Connecticut who made a splash on Youtube when his in-car review of Five Guys’ bacon cheeseburger got Autotuned, is getting his own show on the

Lorca: The best coffee in Stamford?

I have been a Stamford resident for nearly ten years and for the entirety of this time I have pined for a really good coffee and espresso shop. I have been a Stamford resident for nearly ten years and

Dinosaur BBQ is here

Dinosaur BBQ is here. The cult favorite from Syracuse adds a Stamford restaurant to its locations in upstate New York and Harlem — and it’s about time, anticipation has been high ever since word got

Plan B Burger Bar’s grand opening

PLAN B BURGER BAR: STAMFORD TOWN CENTER Plan B Burger Bar finally held its grand opening opened in Stamford, and I missed it. But that’s OK, they’ve sent me a few photos from the event and it only

Sometimes you take the high road

Well folks, Sometimes you take the high road and sometimes you anonymously do this. But anyway, if you would like to read the dissenting opinion on the Colony/Riko’s/Ridgeway post, check it out.

The Stamford-bar-pizza challenge

STAMFORD — When Rico’s (now Riko’s) opened and claimed to have a Colony-style pie that could top the original, we balked. I vehemently defended Colony as a Stamford institution and the purveyor of the

Bodega Taco Bar is coming to Darien

ABOVE: Bodega Taco Bar in Fairfield. When Ole Mole in Darien closed, the town lost it’s only Mexican eatery — and even that was short lived. But the town is poised to see the second location of the