The Lunch Break Chronicles

with Chris Preovolos

It’s NOT 1992 at Garden Catering

UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to some incorrect information in a press release, it turns out that this special was earlier this month, not this week. However, the $2 donations to the Junior United Way are ongoing. The LBC sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience! This week only, Garden Catering is offering 1992 prices on select “popular items” […] [Read More]

Countdown to the Greenwich Food + Wine fest

You heard about it here first. Now here’s all you need to know about the inaugural Greenwich Food + Wine Festival, coming up in less than three weeks! Also, don’t forget about Eating Greenwich & Port Chester, a week-long event Oct. 16 to 21 that will offer prix fixe, a la carte and wine pairing […] [Read More]
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Whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on: Shake Shack Westport opens its doors

The above photo was taken by the LBC’s own Chris Preovolos, who brought a Canon 7D to an iPhone fight. SHAKE SHACK: 1849 POST ROAD EAST, WESTPORT Loath to go a week since the opening without a post, and even more loath to let a post about how New York’s popular Shake Shack is about […] [Read More]
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