The Lunch Break Chronicles

with Chris Preovolos

How about barbacoa with that Tory Burch?

Now Greenwich Avenue power shoppers can take five from browsing Mikimoto at Richards to grab another shiny accessory — the signature aluminum-foil-wrapped monster burritos at Chipotle. The fast-food Mexican chain, which serves up 1.5 to 2 pound burritos in an assembly line, high-school cafeteria style, dropped on the Avenue earlier this month. Sure, perhaps it’s a […] [Read More]

Moe’s taco joint: Tomatillo settles in Cos Cob

Apologies for the blurry photo, it’s tough to ask random people to wait while you take photos of their tacos with your cell phone. TOMATILLO TACO JOINT: 65 EAST PUTNAM AVENUE, COS COB Moe Gad has been busy. The owner of Pacifico in New Haven and Sonora in Port Chester has been dipping his toe […] [Read More]
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