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And to the people who created concealer, I say thank you.

Rock bottom.  Been there, done that, never again.  But I’ll get back to that, we’ve got someone who needs some help first. His name is Rex.  He is about a year old, medium to large terrier mix with
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Christmas star

Do you believe in miracles?  I do…and after the year I’ve had that’s a miracle it itself. Just in case you forgot the meaning of Christmas, let Charlotte remind you… I don’t need Santa to tell me
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I’m looking to score

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Charlotte and I skated with the Bridgeport Soundtigers tonight.  Every year there is a team skate for season ticket holders and I swear, it’s almost
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oh yes its ladies night and the feelings right

His name is Marcus, but he goes by Mr. January.  He’s brave.  He’s sweet.  He has unreal abs, and tonight from 7-9, he’ll be at the Blue Martini.   Enough said. It’s Calender go time!  Pony up to the
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Shooting Stars

Me at the Calender Release party, see below. You know what I love about Bridgeport Landing Development ie SteelPointe?  Community builders.  I had coffee the other morning with my friend Mike Stone
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Love Bites

For as many times as I have to set the record straight, you’d think I was a DJ.  I’ll get back to that. Game on!  If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m highly competitive when it comes to anything

Come on Baby, Light My Fire

Love Bridgeport, but Norwich isn’t that bad either.  I’ll get back to that. For all of you out there that ever pulled up next to one of our fire engines and thought to yourself ..DAMN…this ones for

Eternal Optimist

Threatened into submission?  Wrong girl. Ok, lets get it out of the way.  No I wasn’t wrong, yes I’d say it again.  I stand behind my City. Colossal error, uh huh.  Criminal intent by the Registrar of
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Silly Season

OK mommy, this one’s for you, I’ll get back to that. Silly season is upon us and I’m sort of wondering if I’m the only one who feels like they’re being hypnotized.  Don’t get me wrong, I will be fully

ok, enough’s enough

David Pia contacted me  last Saturday after reading my blog.  I believe he genuinely regrets the situation, did not have malicious intent,  and I have accepted his apology.  Elect your representative
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