you make me happy meal

Say what you want about me, I love McDonald’s.  I always have and I always will.  And you know what, I’m not alone.  Harvard Magazine estimates that 7% of the American population eats at a McDonald’s every day. 

What would you say if I told you that Chris and Ernie Trefz, of Trefz Corp. here in Downtown have offered to donate 10% of proceeds on the evening of 8/26 from the McDonald’s on Main Street to the fund for the families of our fallen firefighters? 

Unbelievable.  In addition they will also be contributing proceeds from the Blue Martini Lounge in the absolutely gorgeous Holiday Inn as part of the Downtown Thursdays Grand Finale Fundraiser.  The Blue Martini makes delicious drinks and has awesome bar food.  You know what, the hotel also has a super delicious lunch…a New York Deli Sandwich and Salad bar.  I ran the pastrami by my father, the expert, he was pleased, very pleased.  And now I’m flashing back to having lunch with Ernie, (it was at the Mayors address to the business community, Ernie and I were both in the movie so we sat together) and even then, the chicken was delish.  Ernie was insistent I eat it all and wash it down with tiramisu…no wonder none of my clothes fit, epiphany.

Its really no surprise that the Trefz brothers would be this generous, if you know them at all, there is no mistaking their goodness.  I heard Chris say today at the DSSD meeting (yes, they volunteer too) that he has been in Downtown Bridgeport 57 years.  They are truly the fibers with which our City is woven.  I’m lucky to know them, so many of us are.

Thanks Ernie and Chris for being such an integral part of the past, present, and future of Downtown.  And Thanks to Karolyn from Trefz for reaching out on behalf of the firefighters and making this happen…and for sitting next to me at most of these things (although I haven’t yet forgiven you for making a break for it when I went to the bathroom you know when).

love, jen

ps.  whomever came up with the “gimme back that filet o fish” song is an evil genius.  There were nights Charlotte sang that song no less than fifty times in a row

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Jennifer Lynne

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  1. BamBamBob says:

    The Trefz Corporation is just about the best corporate citizen that a community could have. Ernie, Chris and company are to be commended for their investment in this city and their contribution to the community. Their willingness to step up and take a leadership position in the fundraising effort for our fallen firefighters may sound exceptional to some, but to all of us who know them it is just another example of their ongoing generosity. Hmmm, suddenly I’m thinkin’ I’ll be lunching at “the golden arches” tomorrow.