This ones for the boys…

Dear Brandon, I know what you should do with M & F….

OK, we’ll get back to that…sorry for the absence, don’t blame me, blame my accountant.

What a night!  On the nicest night of the summer so far, the Downtown Thursdays Concert Series came to a close with a spectacular Grand Finale turned Fundraiser that was nothing short of AMAZING!

McLevy Green was packed with Firefighters, friends, families, and fun as the Special O Band rocked the house with of course LT Ron Bailey BPT PD and Chief Joey G…super fun. 

its a tough job but...

Wall to wall dancers were led off by That’s Showbiz dance troop (who I’m begging to set up camp next to me in BPT) who performed flawlessly at the break.  TIAGOS, my most favorite neighbor was there as they have been all summer long with cold drinks, great service, and bracelets for sale by the way in honor of our guys of  which 100% of proceeds will go to the family fund.  The Bridgeport FD was there selling t shirts, stickers, and collecting donations to remember their two fallen brothers, LT Steve Velasquez and FF Michel Baik.  The Mayor, Congressman Himes, the Fire Chiefs all started off the show with an expression of gratitude and a presentation to a Waterbury brother who went above and beyond in Bridgeport’s time of need.  The Mounted Unit stood vigil, the Firetrucks lined Bank Street.   What a night.

You know what I always say, its really so easy to help.  And the next group of people clearly understand that.  Joining the giving tree were Epernay Bistro, Amici Mii, The Blue Martini, McDonald’s (I love the Trefs, even the very generous awesome sons I haven’t met yet), and Tiago’s all offering to donate a portion of their proceeds from last night to the fund.  The Backstroke will also donate 10% of all sales in the month of August.  Why not?  And of course you know Special O will be donating half the band proceeds.  They are so good for so many reasons.

Thank you so much to Public Facilities at the City for helping us every week with the stage and the green.  Thank you so much to Sam and Joe Tiago, well mostly Sam for being such a huge help with, um, well everything.  Thank you to Team Backstroke…I know all my projects somehow become yours…Thank you to Tony Reno at WICC who had me on every Thursday to talk about the series, see you Tony at DT 2011.  Thank you to Elaine Ficarra for understanding I think better while I’m eating chips and for being such great sounding board.  Thank you to Don Ev, leader of OPED for sort-of letting me and Ben do our thing.  Speaking of which, HUGE thank you to Ben Henson, planner at COB OPED.  While it wasn’t easy, it was certainly a success and that is due mostly to Ben being super human.  I’m pretty sure when Don E. paired me up with him he thought he was being punished.  I love you Ben Henson (Amy, you too).

And of course the biggest thank you of all goes out to the bravest men and women of our Fire Department for the servitude and their sacrifice.  I understand what you do for me, and I am grateful.  And I know last night we raised a pile of money for our families, I love that.

Never Forgotten

Downtown Thursdays….see you next summer.  PS, I’m going big.

Back to Brandon Hall…Hey landlord, I know what you should do with Mechanics and Farmers Savings Bank.  I figured it out on Wednesday when me and Charlotte took a much needed break at the Doral Arrowood Hotel in Rye.  They have the most beautiful pool ever! 

best pool ever

 Indoor/outdoor connected by a swim through tunnel with a hot-tub and gym near by.  All set inside a beautiful indoor atrium.  I say lets go high society.  Members only pool club with a juice bar, lounge chairs, sauna, all the amenities of hotel spa without the room service.  You know, like even have fancy soaps in the bathroom. 

me and char in the hot tub

 What do you say Brandon, you know I’m talking your language.  M & F would be perfect for that, don’t you agree?  Lets talk about over lunch.

love, jen

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine, John Lennon

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