oh yes its ladies night and the feelings right

His name is Marcus, but he goes by Mr. January.  He’s brave.  He’s sweet.  He has unreal abs, and tonight from 7-9, he’ll be at the Blue Martini. 

 Enough said.

wayne took this

It’s Calender go time!  Pony up to the bar at the Holiday Inn with your favorite Bridgeport Firefighter or if you can’t make it, swing by The Backstroke for the HOTTEST holiday gift to hit the streets since the french tickler.  (Yes, I know at some point I will clearly get in trouble for this stuff) 

Speaking of The Backstroke, this snip-it ran in Saturday’s Connecticut Post:

 Several blocks away Jennifer Lynne, owner of the gift boutique The Backstroke, …She said her boutique is doing well and saw a particularly strong day of sales Wednesday before Thanksgiving. She said she expects strong sales during the week. Lynne is an avowed optimist and downtown Bridgeport cheerleader, who writes a blog for the Connecticut Post about local happenings.

But she is primarily a businesswoman, who brought a successful chiropractic business to the city, and operates it out of the same storefront as The Backstroke at 181 State St. She is not shy about pronouncing how many wonderful shops and events people can find in Bridgeport and she says people are waking up to that.


The Post was right.  WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!  They were on the money this time! HOOORAY!!!!!  (OMG what is wrong with me today, it’s like I want to get punished…I almost got beat up in Target for this behavior)  The truth is there are so many great places to do your Holiday shopping this season.  I drove by Fairfield Avenue yesterday morning and I was thrilled to see not only the Wine store open (booze is a super gift) but there is a beautiful new boutique called Space that has an eclectic array of clothes to Artisan pieces…something special for everyone on your list.  Of course there are the oldies but goodies like Jimmy’s Army Navy, Rainy Faye’s Book Store, An’s Jewelry Store, and Footloose.  Got an Ink lover in your family?  Treat them to a gift certificate to the new Tattoo shop on Main Street and pop into the Arcade and see Gabby at Gum Drop Swap for cute kids winter pjs.  In my house, nothing says love like food (although I got a “Turbo Snake” for Hanukkah so clearly someone has forgotten that).  If you’re like me, a delicious dinner at Epernay or Ralph and Rich’s is just the right size and taking a walk through the beautifully lit McLevy enjoying ice-cream for Gopher is just the right price.

In a land of time gone by, when the Holidays meant that iminent trek to Trumbull Mall, I say welcome.  Welcome back to Downtown Bridgeport. We got what your looking for and more (that means hot cops).  Need a few ideas?  Here’s what’s showing at The Backstroke…

For the Mystical fairies fan….

the mermaid and the moon luminaire

For that really cute girl in the next cubicle….

sweet treat cupcake candles

Tired of getting parking tickets?  Give one of these to the Brownies…

this is a party favorite

Don’t have time to go tree chopping?  How about this super sexy red and green feathered fir…

fluffy and fabulous

So come on down and shop till you drop.  Tis the season to be thoughtful….

PS…Thanks to the Post for the nice write-up.  I’m very proud of it and humbled just the same.

PPS…Thanks to Elaine for taking the lead in this extraordinary project and for being grace under pressure.

PPPS…Thanks to Team Backstroke in advance for your help tonight…best minions ever.

PPPPS…Happy Hanukkah (thank you cutest guy ever for the proper spelling), please enjoy this video of Charlotte working her new princess pogo stick…

love, jen

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