Halloween–Haunted and Cute

Since I am decorated for Halloween, I thought I’d share a few photos. As I said, I prefer the more understated spooky of Martha Stewart. Not having the time or staff of Martha, I do not have much of that look.

Here is my kitchen sideboard:

Cute Halloween decorations

Cute Halloween decorations.

Exclusively cute! Even the vampire, skeleton, and mummy candles are the cute version. The torn-up, gray-dyed cheese cloth runner helps break up the black.

My ode to Martha is the one year I bought an entire pack of black construction paper and spent an evening cutting mouse silhouettes. Only these four survive. They are merrily trotting along the back of the couch.

Mice silhouette Halloween decoration

The mice are calmly taking over!

Of course, Halloween is all about the scaring for my 12 year-old, so I did make a small investment in the creepy area of decorations.

The Mona Lisa Surprise

My kids will never see this classic artwork the same as anyone else.

American Ghoulish instead of American Gothic

American Gothic and Zombies

My three year-old is dealing with them rather well. I think it helps that he got to see them crumpled and folded in the Halloween decoration box and helped me hang them up. The portraits are made of clear plastic that is taped to the wall. Against the light background of the wall paint, they look better than their very cheap price tag would indicate. I just hope my daughter’s sensitive friend is OK with it all when she comes over.

CT Events for Halloween 2011

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