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: February, 2012

Changing like the seasons

I can tell it’s almost spring. The sun is still up when my husband comes home from work. The days are getting warmer. Sign ups for community supported agriculture, or CSA, (where you can get part of a
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Why do School outside of School?

For all parents who, like me, feel a good education is the key to long-term life success, we seek out academically oriented extracurricular activities. Whether the children are in public school,
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Shrek the Musical at the Palace Theater in Waterbury–A Parent’s Review

Shrek the Musical takes the parts we love about Shrek the movie and then sculpts the story to make it work really well on stage and with a lot of dancing. I was a little concerned that I might be
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It Sucks to Go to the Principal’s Office

I wrote before about our scheduled visit with my 12 year old daughter’s middle school. It was intimidating. Everyone of her teacher’s was there, including an extra student teacher, the principal, and
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