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Family Review of Monster Mini Golf in Danbury


Monster Mini Golf Danbury CT Fun Thing to do for Kids

Monster Mini Golf in Danbury, CT has made mini golf more weather friendly and more interesting. It provides that over-the-top Halloween atmosphere all year round. It is an indoor mini golf course, arcade, and birthday party place with black lights.

When you first walk into the warehouse-looking building you see two rows of arcade games. There are classics like skeeball and air hockey, along with standard games. Everything looks bright in the dark setting of the building. Tickets can be redeemed for little prizes.

There are two party rooms decorated as if they are an old, haunted living room with a glowing fireplace with glowing, painted flames and a huge skull. There is even old furniture and Halloween decorations. Take a tour of the party rooms here

The largest part of the Monster Mini Golf is, of course, the mini golf course. The course is laid out like a maze with every foot used as part of the course. You can see a tour here I was initially concerned there wouldn’t be enough room to get out of the way of another person’s shot, but it was very natural and easy to stand on the orange dividers.

There are three moving decorations that add to the atmosphere of the golf course, but for those with little kids, it might be good to know about (my daughter was terrified of animated Halloween decorations when she was little). The large ogre in the back will open his eyes, rise a bit, do some talking, and then go to sleep. The witch in the middle stirs her pot (it’s not very noticeable). There is a tree to the right which moves its branches slightly while speaking.

Monster Mini Golf Danbury CT Fun Thing to do for Kids Activities

The black floor helped show off all of the glow-in-the-dark dividers and cool, Halloween decorations. The golf course was interesting and good for different levels. My five year old scored two holes-in-one but there were holes where it took me 6 strokes.

Monster Mini Golf is open Tuesday through Sunday (also open on Monday holidays). Weeknight hours are 2 – 9 pm (10 pm on Friday), Saturday from noon to 10 pm, and Sunday from noon to 8 pm. Adults play for $8 a game, kids play for $7 a game, and wee ones (probably under 30″ tall) play free.

Knowing that Monster Mini Golf is a franchise, I happy Danbury’s Monster Mini Golf was designed to take its new location into account. The murals were designed around some silly Connecticut laws and even paid homage to Danbury’s Hat City and railroad history. The whole family had a good time.

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