Love Letters

To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of monogrammed items. Perhaps its because my initials growing up weren’t the most suitable for just 3 letters.

When I was about 10 years old I was gifted my first monogrammed crew neck sweater with the letters right on my little chest. They spelled out P E G.
Since my mom was a firm believer in wearing apparel gifts – especially when visiting the giver- I had to throw on this knitted number at least once.
And that’s all it took….my fellow 4th graders started calling me Peg!
Please don’t misunderstand me, there’s nothing wrong with the name Peg…its just not MY name.
When switched around to write it as the classic monogrammed version, it reads PGE.

Now, you probably don’t see what creative 4th graders can see, but they read it as “Piggy”….

Maybe I’m actually jealous of those who have initials that resemble art when written in script or printed in a fun font.
My son, for example, was given MWM. Beautiful.
My husband is middle-nameless with his initials written as MM. Simple
And luckily, now that I’m married – and less concerned about being called farm animal names by mistake- my new letters are TM. Sans the E.

For those of you who enjoy their own personal acronym on items, I found some that are perfectly labeled!

Men’s Leather Bag and Monogrammed Ice Bucket @ Signature Style in Wilton (with over 25 thread colors and many fonts)

J Crew Monogrammed Pajamas @ J Crew in Stamford, New Canaan, Greenwich, Farmington, Trumbull, New Haven, Westport

Hand Stamped Initial Disc Necklace @ (fun w/your kids’ initials, too)

Monogrammed Cutting Board from SoLuxe @ (create your own color combinations)

Platinum Rimmed Monogrammed Glassware @ West Elm in Westport and