Fresh for Spring

What’s a store to do when the everyday low pricing / no-sale strategy in lieu of coupons and special savings days didn’t help their bottom line and the new, edgy ad campaign to capture a young, fresh audience hasn’t reached that intended customer??

They try something newer and fresh-er.

Joe Fresh, a Canadian based retailer with 6 stores in the New York City area, is hoping to help J.C. Penney bring back the luster and livelihood of the last generation.  Similar to an H&M out of Sweden or a Topshop established in England, the Joe Fresh brand has started selling its trendy and bright, affordable clothing within the 682  J. C. Penny stores and on their website.  You will find stylish apparel, accessories and cosmetics for women at these “jcp” locations, while at their own branded stores, an exceptional assortment of men’s, kid’s and toddler clothing is also on hand.

J.C. Penney is hoping that this new, fresh idea will capture that youthful, contemporary shopper with a few extra “penneys” to spend.

J C Penney in Trumbull, Milford and Danbury

Joe Fresh