Get Spotted by Sarah Gray (7th grade fashion club)

What’s in for spring?

A very bold, colorful, look. Something that pops. What is the first thing that comes to mind?images-4

POLKA DOTS!  Polka dots are very in for spring now. This is because you can wear them whenever and wherever. And you can wear it to any occasion. You could wear it to school, the beach, or even a formal summer party. Add some accessories and stylish shoes to make it more formal. Or wear very mellow accessories to tone it down.

Even a small amount of polka dot can spice up your outfit. Such as a phone case, a scarf, or even a  headband.  You can even wear polka dots to work, such as a polka dot peplum top and some colorful or not so colorful pants.

Polka dots are in and the highlight of spring!


Polka Dot Lace Peplum Top @ Forever 21 in Stamford, Trumbull, Danbury, Milford and

Benni Dress @ Abercrombie & Fitch in Stamford, Trumbull, Danbury and

SwitchEasy FreeRunner Polka Dot iPhone 5 Case @ Urban Outfitters in Westport, New Haven and