Faux Finish


I don’t tan.

When I was young I couldn’t tan.  It wasn’t as though I didn’t try to tan…it simply never happened.  A beach towel, baby oil and a good book kept me in the sun for hours.  But a lack of  the melanin pigment called eumelanin that many fair skinned people seem to possess, kept me from acquiring the golden brown color we all seemed to crave.

pic from www.groupon.com

pic from www.groupon.com

That youthful goal and glow that I so desired has taken on a new face.  It’s the look of healthy skin both outside and in.  As to stave away the harmful rays, I slather on sunscreen (almost) everyday of the year and torment my family to do the same.

Another confession.

I do tan.

But now it’s applied.  After a grainy sugar scrub and a shave in the shower, I massage my colorless tanning mousse and tinted moisturizer into my primed legs.  A few hours later a safe and lasting bronze impression has sunk into my skin.  With so many self tanning options in salons and on store shelves, it’s very difficult to decide which option is best for your gorgeous glow.  Many products on the market have advanced beyond the harsh ingredients, streaky finishes and orange-tinged palms.  The new components of choice contain everything from all natural exfoliants to vitamin A, C and E to SPF’s of 20 and higher.

Try one of these sunless self tanners for a sun-kissed finish.

Gradual Self-Tanning Sunscreen Mousse from Supergoop @ Achorn’s Pharmacy iin Westport, GIGGLE in Greenwich, Adam Broderick Salon & Spa in Ridgefield

Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Face and Body Self Tanner with Mitt from Tarte @ Sephora in Greenwich, Trumbull, Danbury, Ulta in North Haven, Milford

Blend Buffing Mitt from Model Co. Cosmetics @ www.modelcocosmetics.com

The Great Pretender Shimmery Self Tanner from Origins @ Macy’s in Stamford, Milford, Danbury, Sephora in Greenwich

Velocity Rapid Self-Tan Mist from Vani-T @ www.vani-t.com/au

One Night Only Instant Glow Wash Off Tanner from St. Tropez @ www.amazon.com, Sephora (see above)