Cause and Effect

cause is WHY something happens. An effect is WHAT happens.

Example – Mama Jane’s Global Boutique in Southport.

The WHY…After spending time in Kenya with her family, Barbara Johnson was moved by both the beauty of the land and the warmth of its people.  She was especially touched by the mothers, or “mamas,” and their eternally maternal quest to nurture and care for their children in the hopes of creating, for them, a better world in the near future.  One particular matriarch, Mama Jane, was the real influence behind the Johnson family’s decision to bring the aspirations and goals of these women to our area.  Aside from caring for her fields and her family, Mama Jane’s roles included organizing the  young local women into collectives, monitoring their creations and arranging the micro finances so that their handmade works of art could enhance our lives while enriching theirs.

The WHAT…”We decided to share their stories as well as many other artisans from around the world who create distinct and culturally rich products in order to support and bring attention to their communities,” explained Barb.  Mama Jane’s Global Boutique opened in May with an amazing array of products from around the globe each with a different story waiting to be told and heard.  She continues to express how with each purchase you make, you are empowering and supporting the causes of these local, underprivileged communities therefore having a distinct effect on their steady growth and optimistic future.

Take a moment to read some of the fascinating stories behind just a few of the collections beautifully displayed at Mama Jane’s…

Ali Lamu Bags from Kenya, Article 22 Peace Bomb Bracelets from Laos, Filip + Inna clothing from the Philippines, Maasai Collection of beaded clothing, sandals, jewelry from the border of Kenya & Tanzania

Mama Jane’s Global Boutique

363 Pequot AveSouthportCT