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Trish McQuillen

Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot

There’s a long standing tradition we have at the Jersey shore dating as far back as I can remember. We gather our daily beach belongings, pile them into a rickety old Radio Flyer, and wheel them to the end of the street where the pavement meets the sand.  When we arrive at that point, the […] [Read More]

Faux Finish

Confession. I don’t tan. When I was young I couldn’t tan.  It wasn’t as though I didn’t try to tan…it simply never happened.  A beach towel, baby oil and a good book kept me in the sun for hours.  But a lack of  the melanin pigment called eumelanin that many fair skinned people seem to possess, […] [Read More]
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Like Nothing at All

  Another day of record high temperatures and heavy humidity has left us wanting to shed our own skin and most everything covering it.  Wearing nothing at all is hardly a daytime option, but could be a night time possibility.  However, according to a recent study, less than 1 in 10 Americans sleep in the […] [Read More]

Learn by Watching

Every once in awhile we are fortunate enough to meet someone who leaves with us a lasting, positive impression. Perhaps we are captivated by their incredible intellect or imagination. Maybe it’s their constant drive and perseverance.  Perhaps they posses a compassionate and gentle demeanor that resonates with patience and unconditional understanding. I have had the […] [Read More]

Packed to Perfection

A good friend of mine dropped off her 12-year-old for a few fun-filled weeks at a YMCA camp.  As she picked up her suitcase to toss into the trunk, she suddenly realized that her over-excited daughter had seriously over-packed.  She couldn’t decide which outfits to bring, so she packed them all.  Knowing how enthusiastic her […] [Read More]

All Dressed Up

There’s definitely something I love about old houses in the Northeast.  The hardwood floors, the intricate details, the so-called “character” that so many of them possess.  I’ve loved our 125 year old home from the moment we walked through it during a January Open House. When my husband pointed out the un-renovated kitchen and baths […] [Read More]

Above Average

There are certain measurements, times and events in your life where the term “above average” is looked upon as a good thing. Scholastic aptitude test results for your kids, miles per gallon for your new car or perhaps even a food critic’s review of your new restaurant…to name just a few. Rainfall totals for a […] [Read More]

All Inclusive

When I saw the Corded Crossback Jumpsuit in last spring’s Anthropologie catalog, I knew it was a must have for the season and then some.  This nautically inspired number was both simple and sophisticated.  But even more appealing was that, like a dress, it was an outfit in an instant.  A statement bracelet, small, dangling […] [Read More]

Maternity Weave

When I learned of Kate Middleton’s upcoming maternity leave date, which is set for June 13th, I felt as though these past nine months had just zoomed by.  ”Wow!” I thought to myself.  ”That was the fastest pregnancy ever.”   When I came to my senses, I realized, as I do many times throughout the year, that the […] [Read More]

Make a RUN for it!

I started running, or should I say jogging, about 15 or so years ago.  Never one for long distance journeys, I would be content with my  4 day a week, 3-5 mile, “get in a quick workout” routine.  But I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed many of those stress relieving, somewhat relaxing runs around town. […] [Read More]