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corporal classics by Sophia Konstantin (7th grade Fashion Club)

Military style is a style I like.  These pieces are inspired by the clothing from the soldiers.  These styles make you look powerful and strong. Personally I would wear a full on military outfit…. But even if you just wear military boots, it will give you that military edge to your outfit. Military Overshirt @ Zara in Greenwich, […] [Read More]

“Did ya hear the one about the….??”

My Dad has always taken pleasure in telling a corny joke or two, but I do believe he enjoys laughing at those jokes even more.  When we were kids, my sister and I would have to endure such lines as,  “Flea market??  Why would anyone need to buy fleas??  They come for free on dogs.” […] [Read More]

A Class Act

The other day I read an amazing story of an amazing man. Tom Shadyac, an American director, screenwriter, producer and more, after earning millions of dollars in the film industry, decided to give away most of his money and material possessions in order to live freer and help freely.  One of his best known philanthropic […] [Read More]


“A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” ~ Tenneva Jordan This Sunday is Mother’s Day and for those who of us who are moms, have moms or are looking to become a mom, you know it’s one […] [Read More]

What’s the Deal?

There’s a constant vying for viewership and ratings amongst the 3 major network morning news programs. Whether you tune in to The Today Show on NBC,  ABC’s Good Morning America or CBS’s This Morning, everyone seems to have a favorite crew of newscasters to “invite in” for coffee or to just stay informed.  I’m not […] [Read More]


According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy dated October, 2012, “More than half of American teenagers and young adults volunteered last year…” That’s quite a staggering show of support for good causes of all kinds. A group of high school students in Greenwich will continue their volunteer tradition in the hopes of helping a cause near […] [Read More]

A Studio of Style

I met Veronique Lee about 3 years ago while shopping a local trunk show to get new inspirations and options for clients.  She represented 2 wonderful collections by designers Eric Raisina and Romyda Keth.  Each line was more gorgeous than the other.  Soon after the show, I made a point of scheduling a visit to […] [Read More]

From Fruit to Fashion

Not every fashion icon begins with a design degree and a dream. Some just have a vision. But only a few come from the same colorful background as Lily Pulitzer who, just today, passed at the age of 81.  After marrying Peter Pulitzer, the same Pulitzer as the renowned publishing family, Lily and her new […] [Read More]
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