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According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy dated October, 2012, “More than half of American teenagers and young adults volunteered last year…” That’s quite a staggering show of support for good causes of all kinds. A group of high school students in Greenwich will continue their volunteer tradition in the hopes of helping a cause near […] [Read More]

A Studio of Style

I met Veronique Lee about 3 years ago while shopping a local trunk show to get new inspirations and options for clients.  She represented 2 wonderful collections by designers Eric Raisina and Romyda Keth.  Each line was more gorgeous than the other.  Soon after the show, I made a point of scheduling a visit to […] [Read More]

From Fruit to Fashion

Not every fashion icon begins with a design degree and a dream. Some just have a vision. But only a few come from the same colorful background as Lily Pulitzer who, just today, passed at the age of 81.  After marrying Peter Pulitzer, the same Pulitzer as the renowned publishing family, Lily and her new […] [Read More]
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Top it Off

Nothing finishes off an outfit as easily as a little jacket. No matter the shape, this terrific topper is easy to toss on with trousers, dresses and jeans to complete your look for work, weekend or just a random Wednesday. With this spring season getting off to a cool, slow start, try one of these […] [Read More]

Fresh for Spring

What’s a store to do when the everyday low pricing / no-sale strategy in lieu of coupons and special savings days didn’t help their bottom line and the new, edgy ad campaign to capture a young, fresh audience hasn’t reached that intended customer?? They try something newer and fresh-er. Joe Fresh, a Canadian based retailer […] [Read More]


As the queen of the last-minute purchase, you can imagine how thrilled I was when Bling opened about 3/4 of a mile from my house. Holidays, Birthdays and “Just Because” days have never been the same thanks to this conveniently fashionable accessory store in Darien. Well, they’ve gone and done it again. Now I don’t […] [Read More]

Pencil Me In

Coincidentally, I received 2 emails today with clients requesting appointments and asking me to “pencil them in” on the particular day/time that fit their schedule. I understand where the expression comes from….a literal action where one can easily add, erase and change appointments that were tentatively added to their calendar. Funny how the term isn’t […] [Read More]

A Hunt for Hennes & Mauritz

Gucci, Valentino, H&M, Armani. One of these things jut doesn’t belong. Amidst all the designer delights appearing on last night’s Oscars, one name flashed its label for the very first time. Helen Hunt went against the grosgrain choosing a custom designed dress from the ever-affordable H&M. Yes, the approximately $700,000 worth of jewels that adorned […] [Read More]

Lively Up Your Prep

In 1980. the Official Preppy Handbook hit bookstore shelves creating a greater awareness of that polo-driven, khaki-sporting, loafer-stepping scene.  The book was a tongue-in-cheek view of prep school attire worn by the so called “rich” of the northeast and those who aspired to be like them. The colors pink and green will never be the […] [Read More]


Despite the cloudless, sunny sky and the miild, 50* temperature outside yesterday, the weekend weather has us dipping back more than 20 degrees with signs of more snow. I’m definitely not the picture of pep and poise when the mercury doesn’t rise to the occasion each day. But after peeking at this year’s Sports Illustrated […] [Read More]