Skirting Around

Some women might feel overdressed when wearing a skirt without a job to run to or a function to attend. But during these spring and summer months it seems like an easy, cool and relaxed way to dress


In Italy it’s known as “I Cento Giorni.” In Portugal it’s known as “Baile de Finalistas.” In Sweden it’s known as “Studentbalen.” In America, we call it the “Prom.” And there were many Proms happening

The Race is On

I began exercising regularly when I was 28…a few more than a few years ago. I started the process by purchasing a pair of work-out pants, a pair of shorts and 1 tank top. At the time, I didn’t

A Palm Springs Partnership

From the start, Banana Republic sold a concept, not just a product.  With a theme of travel and adventure, the first catalogues of ink and watercolors drawings offered well-worn military surplus

A Day to Remember

It almost feels like summer today with the temperatures in the 80’s and the sun shining brightly since first thing this morning.  I almost forgot it was Memorial Day until I turned on the news and

Thanks for the Memories

Speaking of being patriotic, I happen to be at a basketball tournament in the state capitol of New York…Albany.  Since we’re booked solid with games, I doubt I’ll be heading to any parades over the


During their 1492 journey, Christopher Columbus’ sailors encountered a primitive form of what we now refer to as a cigar in an area that we now know of as Cuba. Today, Havana is widely recognized as

Toning Trouble

Well, I have good news and bad for you this rainy Monday. Footwear firm Skecher, USA has been found guilty of “false advertising” claiming that their toning shoes would help wearers improve their