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Yearly Archive for 2010

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“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” Wm. Shakespeare

Raise your hand if you have never heard a lawyer joke. I thought so; no takers. Lawyers have been the leading butt of humor on the internet. Every cocktail party I have ever attended had its share of

“Is That All There Is?”

As the jury in James Botti’s federal criminal trial settles in to the task of deliberating his future I am reminded of Peggy Lee, the old torch singer from the 1950’s, who recorded the existentialist

Justice Delayed But Not Denied

This column has discussed in the past the work of the Innocence Project in freeing wrongly convicted defendants. Nationally, over 250 inmates have been exonerated, many after decades in prison. But

Tracking Domestic Violence: GPS or Big Brother?

Domestic violence is at the forefront of legislative news in Connecticut. Hearings are being held on ways to ensure the safety of victims of pending cases. The recent killings of a court clerk at her

Bribery 101: It Takes Two to Tango

The trial of Shelton developer James Botti continues in New Haven federal court. Botti is charged with bribery, conspiracy and mail fraud. At the center of the Government’s case is the claim that

DNA: Bane or Boon?

DNA evidence has now become the definitive means of identification. The number of people exonerated after a wrongful conviction has reached more than 250. Was it cause for celebration or lament?

If It Doesn’t Fit, You Must Acquit

“If it doesn’t fit you must acquit!” That mantra has taken on iconic status since it was spoken in September 1995 by the late Johnny Cochran in the now infamous trial of O.J. Simpson. I can still see

Judging Gun Control and the Second Amendment

The United States Supreme Court is about to decide an important segment of the continuing debate on gun control. At issue is whether the individual states, and by extension municipal and county

Is Lauretti on Trial?

The second trial of Shelton developer, James Botti, began with jury selection this week. Each side announced its potential witnesses. Prominent on the list was Shelton Mayor, Mark Lauretti. Several

Battered Wife or Self Defense: Death of an Olympian

The national news today reports that the shooting death of a 52 year old former Olympic medalist, Dave Laut, has led to the arrest of his wife. That he was an Olympic medalist in the past is