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Appealing Crime–The End Game

What do convicted killer, Drew Peterson, and child molester, Jerry Sandusky, have in common? Both filed appeals this week from their criminal convictions. Each of these felons, facing the rest of

Arizona v. Jodi Arias–Is It Self-Defense?

A gruesome homicide case is playing out in the arid climate of Arizona, that has garnered the interest of TruTV’s In Session, Nancy Grace and other legal commentators. Jodi Arias is a seemingly

Conn.’s Assault Weapon Ban

In the wake of the Newtown massacre the debate over assault weapons continues. Recently, New York strengthened its gun control laws and existing assault weapons ban. Each time the topic is raised the

Suing The State Over Sandy Hook: Really?

For the last several years that I have been privileged to write this column I have endeavored to defend the integrity of the practice of law. I have tried to explain in layman’s terms the principles

Can We Finally End the Insanity

As the last of the angels and their protectors are laid to rest the numbness we have felt as a nation remains. What have we become? How many innocents are to be sacrificed to appease the few whose

Christmas Remembered

This piece ran several years ago on the editorial page of the Sunday Post. I wanted to share it once again. Perhaps you’ve read it before. If not I hope it brings some fond memories of past

Tort Reform or Tort Deform

Tort reform is a constant refrain in every political cycle. Litigious plaintiffs and we greedy trial lawyers are frequently blamed for every financial evil society has to endure. A vocal group of

Legal Pot; The New NORML

There is a growing movement to legalize marijuana. The folks at NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) must be high with the results of referenda in Washington and Colorado,

They Still Talk Latin at Court

“Nullum tempus occurrit regi” a mouthful of ancient Latin, was resurrected recently by our Connecticut Supreme Court in a decision that has the public construction industry spinning in its togas. The

Election Day Thoughts

“We the People, in order to form a more perfect union . . .” It is the morning of election day and I am getting ready to exercise that most precious right guaranteed to us by our Constitution, the