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Representing the Rogue Client

The latest news in the Trayvon Martin case focused on the announcement by attorneys Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig that they were withdrawing as representatives of George Zimmerman, the embattled shooter.

Curing the Malpractice Injustice

In 2005 the state legislature, succumbing to lobbying efforts from the medical profession, created an onerous threshold to the commencement of a malpractice lawsuit. In its zeal to curb what was

Civility and the Practice of Law

Our profession is intended to be a noble one, requiring advocates to be aggressive proponents of a client’s cause while exhibiting a high degree of professionalism. Of course, some readers are

Facebook and Lawyer Ethics

While the title may cause the cynical to wonder aloud if lawyers do have ethics, the answer is yes we do. However, there are those among us who often fail to understand the ethical boundaries. Whether

Facebook and Trials

As the phenomenon of social media grows lawyers continue to search for ways to use these tools to their advantage in litigation. Some are permissible while others are not. Rare these days is the

Cold Cases Growing Colder

Chief State’s Attorney Kevin Kane testified before the legislature this last week that budget cuts and loss of personnel have caused his office to refuse to accept any new cold cases for

Marijuana Legal: Not So Much!!

July 1, 2011 was the new “Independence Day” for marijuana users in Connecticut. It was on that date that the new Public Act 11-71 became effective. The new act reflected Connecticut’s capitulation to

Sandusky Victims: Protecting Anonymity

Disgraced former Penn State coach, Jerry Sandusky, is back in the news once again. Prosecutors are preparing to reveal to his attorney the identity of the 10 alleged victims in this prosecution. The

GPS Tracking Collides with the Constitution

In June I commented on the recent decision of the Circuit Court of Appeals, United States v. Jones, that was argued in the United States Supreme Court. (See GPS Tracking: Is Big Brother Violating the

Sandusky Needs To Do The Right Thing

Football legend Joe Paterno died this week. Unfortunately, his integrity and legend were mortally wounded months ago when the revelations about accused pedophile, Jerry Sandusky, erupted. JoePa, the