‘Privilege’: dated but ahead of its time

The “Print Screen” program of the Film Society of Lincoln Center asks a prominent writer to choose a film for a screening and discussion afterwards. Novelist and journalist Chuck Klosterman – who was
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‘Mr. Robot’: another reason to stay home

There are a few current movies I still want to catch up with – “Maggie’s Plan” and “Love & Friendship,” among them – but it was hard to be motivated to leave the house earlier this week when I
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‘Altitude’: Jose Llana’s life in the theater

The amazingly versatile singer-actor Jose Llana celebrated two decades of work in the New York theater with a concert at Lincoln Center last year. The show was perfectly bookended by performances of
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‘Shadowed’: hacker on the run

I couldn’t have picked up the new Karen E. Olson novel “Shadowed” (Severn House) at a better time. I dug into Olson’s ultra-suspenseful tale a computer hacker on the lam in Quebec just a few days
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‘Traitor’: old-fashioned craftsmanship

The 1962 Paramount espionage thriller “The Counterfeit Traitor” might look hopelessly archaic to young moviegoers raised on the hyperkinetic Jason Bourne adventures or the retooled James Bond films of
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‘54’: salvaging a 1998 flop

The 1998 summer movie “54” was widely panned and it bombed at the box office, but it wasn’t the film the writer-director Mark Christopher intended for us to see. A series of disastrous pre-release
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U.S. politics through ‘foreign’ eyes

Who knew that some of the best coverage of the U.S. racial conflicts of the 1960s and 1970s was done by Swedish television journalists? That’s the astonishing surprise of the documentary “The Black
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‘For the Love of Movies’ — Pauline Kael & Co.

The 2007 Gerald Peary documentary “For the Love of Movies” is available via Netflix streaming, and it’s an entertaining look at the parallel histories of movies and movie critics over the past
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