Bad Movies We Love: “Perfect”

It’s surprising that the 1985 John Travolta/Jamie Lee Curtis flop “Perfect” hasn’t attracted a so-bad-it’s-good cult-following over the past 30 years. This is a one of a kind, laugh-out-loud turkey
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Channing Tatum’s showstopper

The new Coen brothers movie, “Hail, Caesar!,” pulls off the mean feat of both mocking and celebrating the Hollywood films of yesteryear – the output from the 1950s, in particular. The picture opens
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Another season of ‘Mozart in the Jungle’

I don’t have much use for the Golden Globes, but I was happy to see the Hollywood Foreign Press Association pick “Mozart in the Jungle” as the best comedy or musical series at their awards night last
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‘Spotlight’ vs. ‘The Big Short’ for top Oscar

If you can believe the movie industry forecasters, one of two films will win the Oscar for best picture on Feb. 28 – “Spotlight” or “The Big Short.” “Spotlight” was viewed as the frontrunner until
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‘Utility’: stalled in Middle America

Playwright Emily Schwend takes us into a slice of American life that many of us probably feel fortunate not to be a part of – lower middle class, Middle America, where scrambling just to pay the bills
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‘Those Angry Days’: messages from the past

I just caught up with Lynne Olson’s illuminating 2013 book “Those Angry Days” (Random House) about the fight in this country over aiding Britain and declaring war on Germany between 1939 and 1941.
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Liz Taylor sees dead people

When her film career started winding down in the 1970s, Elizabeth Taylor was reduced to some very bad material such as “Hammersmith is Out” and “Ash Wednesday” and “The Blue Bird.” These pictures were
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The lost Michael Chabon adaptation

“The Mysteries of Pittsburgh” arrived on video five years ago as seriously damaged goods. Shot in 2006 and screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007, the picture received mostly withering reviews
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