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: November, 2009

‘Set Up’: trust issues & fine dining in Manhattan

Whenever I read something as entertaining — and as insightful — as “Set Up in Soho” (St. Martin’s Griffin) by Dee Davis, I’m left wondering how many other good books I’ve missed just because they fall

‘Antichrist’: arthouse vs. grindhouse

Writer-director Lars von Trier clearly likes to push emotional buttons almost as much as he loves to make films. For more than a decade now, he has managed to keep “shocking” movie critics and

Isabelle Huppert takes to the stage (in Brooklyn)

I don’t think I can quite agree with the young man sitting near me at the Brooklyn Academy of Music Saturday night who enthused to his companion, “She’s even better on stage than she is on screen!”

The return of ‘Number Six’

AMC has stolen a lot of PR thunder from HBO with its original series, “Mad Men” — probably the most talked-about made-for-cable show since “The Sopranos” and “Sex and the City” galvanized everyone a

What’s going on out there?

Matteo Pericoli hit on a terrific (and terrifically simple) idea for his new book, “The City Out My Window: 63 Views on New York” (Simon & Schuster). For those of us who live in cities, a major

A fresh spin on looking for love in New York City

Melanie Angelina Maras has made a strong stage debut with her new comedy-drama, “Kiss Me on the Mouth,” which Inviolet Repertory Theatre is presenting at Center Stage through Nov. 21. Maras takes a

‘Rainwater’: sad, but beautiful

The new Sandra Brown novel, “Rainwater” (Simon and Schuster), is surprising on multiple levels. Brown is one of our finest thriller writers, and like many of her peers, she has been on a

‘An Education’: a star is born

To do a good coming-of-age movie you need a very talented young performer who can convincingly mature right in front of our eyes. Carey Mulligan does that — and more — in “An Education,” the new Nick

The classic that debuted in New Haven 50 years ago

Did you know that the world premiere of “The Sound of Music” took place at the Shubert Theater in New Haven 50 years ago this fall? I didn’t know that either, until the new Sony Masterworks 50th

Familiarity breeds delight

Two of my favorite practitioners of the traditional mystery — Carolyn Hart and Katherine Hall Page — share a publisher (William Morrow) and this year they’ve shared a publication date and theme as