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A fresh spin on looking for love in New York City

Melanie Angelina Maras has made a strong stage debut with her new comedy-drama, “Kiss Me on the Mouth,” which Inviolet Repertory Theatre is presenting at Center Stage through Nov. 21. Maras takes a

‘Rainwater’: sad, but beautiful

The new Sandra Brown novel, “Rainwater” (Simon and Schuster), is surprising on multiple levels. Brown is one of our finest thriller writers, and like many of her peers, she has been on a

‘An Education’: a star is born

To do a good coming-of-age movie you need a very talented young performer who can convincingly mature right in front of our eyes. Carey Mulligan does that — and more — in “An Education,” the new Nick

The classic that debuted in New Haven 50 years ago

Did you know that the world premiere of “The Sound of Music” took place at the Shubert Theater in New Haven 50 years ago this fall? I didn’t know that either, until the new Sony Masterworks 50th

Familiarity breeds delight

Two of my favorite practitioners of the traditional mystery — Carolyn Hart and Katherine Hall Page — share a publisher (William Morrow) and this year they’ve shared a publication date and theme as

Ashton Kutcher plays a sort-of prostitute in Los Angeles

With the rise of Internet porn and escort services over the past decade or so, we are overdue for a remake of “American Gigolo” (1980). So, when “Spread” opened last summer with ads suggesting that

Inside the Michael Jackson bunker

The movie and music press appears divided on the new Michael Jackson documentary, “This Is It,” with at least one major writer blasting it as a desecration of a great artist’s memory and others

Will ‘Fela!’ fly on Broadway?

Although the show has more than three weeks of previews before opening on Nov. 23, the off-Broadway hit “Fela!” has Broadway folks buzzing about whether or not the Bill T. Jones dance show will


I find it enormously pleasing that the gore-free, low-tech, $12,000 horror movie, “Paranormal Activity,” trounced the latest picture in the “Saw” franchise (“Saw VI”!) at the U.S. box-office over the

Juggling mystery and morality in World War II

The scope and quality of contemporary crime fiction never ceases to amaze me. And the field seems to keep expanding in terms of talent and subject matter. James R. Benn has been writing one of the