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: November, 2010

Ryan Reynolds: the synergy-est man alive

Sports Illustrated has that bizarre annual swimsuit issue — with all of its attendant advance hype — so it is hard to criticize Time Warner sister magazine People’s annual PR blitz for its “Sexiest

‘Dark Light’: did you hear the one about the blind photographer?

HBO is debuting a remarkable short documentary tomorrow night at 8 p.m. — “Dark Light” — that takes us into the world of blind photographers. No, I am not pulling your leg. I started out watching the

Adam Rapp & The Amoralists prove to be perfect partners

The Amoralists have become one of the most exciting theater companies in New York City through the intense collaboration of a group of amazing young actors with the powerhouse playwright/director

Dino De Laurentiis, R.I.P.

He was a producer whose credits ranged from “La Strada” to “King Kong” and from “Serpico” to “Flash Gordon.” A believer in globalization long before that term became common business practice, Dino

The wisdom of Adriana Trigiani’s grandmothers

In the introduction to her new memoir/self-help book, “Don’t Sing at the Table” (Harper), novelist Adriana Trigiani writes about her “luck” in having two “stellar grandmothers” to pass along their

‘The Scottsboro Boys’: when irony is mistaken for racism

More than 40 years ago, when the original production of the musical “Cabaret” was trying out in Boston, one of its most acerbic moments became the target of religious protests. During the song and

‘At This Theatre’: a stage classic is brought up to date

Applause Books has just released a gorgeous new edition of “At This Theatre,” the oversized Playbill-produced volume that traces the history of every theater on Broadway. The first edition came out in

Out of the Warner vault: ‘Eye of the Devil’

In recent years, Warner Home Video has been pulling oddities off the shelf — titles that would not warrant a full-scale commercial release — and making them available through the Warner Archive

Jill Clayburgh, R.I.P.

It was awful to hear about the cancer death of Jill Clayburgh at her home in Lakeville, Ct. Friday night. She was a great actress on screen and stage, and one of the most charming show people you

‘A Delicate Balance’: we do what we can

Edward Albee’s 1966 Pulitzer Prize-winner “A Delicate Balance” has the surface appearance of a polite drawing room play, but quickly turns into one of the writer’s darkest and funniest visions of