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: December, 2011

The amazing Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

If “My Week with Marilyn” wasn’t such a slight film, Michelle Williams would probably have a lock on an Oscar for her performance as Marilyn Monroe making the long-forgotten 1957 British film “The

‘Dragon Tattoo’: a less than lateral move by David Fincher

Maybe it just isn’t a story I needed to be told three times. Or, perhaps I expected a lot more from the visionary director of “The Social Network” and “Zodiac” and “Fight Club.” Whatever the reason, I

‘Ghost Protocol’ puts Tom Cruise back on top in Hollywood

Produced on the scale of a superior James Bond movie and packed with the sly, sexy humor of a 1960s caper picture, “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” is one of the rare Hollywood “tentpole”

‘An Appetite for Murder’: a winter escape to Key West

Roberta Isleib launches a new mystery series next Tuesday with “An Appetite for Murder” (Obsidian) about the adventures of a crime-solving restaurant critic in Key West. The book is such a departure

Rent it now: taut Scandinavian mystery via Italy

The great Italian actor Toni Servillo — who played the title role in “Il Divo” and was featured prominently in “Gomorra” — delivers another commanding performance in “The Girl By the Lake,” as a

Merry Christmas!

All the lonely people/Where do they all belong?

At one particularly apt point in the new Grant James Varjas play, “Accidentally, Like a Martyr,” a character looks over at the few other people seated at an East Village bar and asks the “Eleanor

Hugh Jackman: the biggest Broadway star of our time?

Reviewers have been quibbling about what label to give to Hugh Jackman’s return to the New York theater — is it a real “Broadway” show or just a jazzed-up nightclub act? — but whatever it is, the

Rent it now: inside a Hasidic ecstasy smuggling ring

The 2010 “inspired by actual events” independent film “Holy Rollers” tells a story that sounds too good to be true — how a group of young Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn started moonlighting as “mules”

‘Margin Call’: Demi Moore becomes a team player

Among the many wonders of the terrific New Depression drama “Margin Call” is Demi Moore’s coolly ferocious performance as a risk analyst at a major financial services firm that went over the falls in