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: January, 2012

‘White Collar’: old-fashioned capers in modern New York

After an odd five-month break, season three of the USA series “White Collar” will resume Tuesday night at 9 with six new episodes running through Feb. 21. It’s the sort of bizarre scheduling that can

Give Max Von Sydow an Oscar!

Like most baby boom film buffs, I’ve been enjoying the performances of Max Von Sydow for most of my life. The 82-year-old Swedish actor conquered art house audiences here when he was still in his 20s

‘Betrayal’: Boston gangsters in league with corrupt feds

The new non-fiction book “Betrayal” (Forge) is about the FBI man who was sent to Boston to clean up its shockingly corrupt office — it’s a gripping story of gangsters having their way with those who

‘School of Flesh’: how many women are willing to pay for sex?

Did you see the recent news stories in 2010 about the first “legal” male prostitute in America? He worked for one of the state-regulated bordellos outside Las Vegas and was available to any woman who

‘The Devil Inside’: somewhere P.T. Barnum is smiling

Old-fashioned showmanship is still alive and well in Hollywood. We might be in the middle of the “prestige season” in which critically acclaimed Oscar contenders are being rolled out for awards

Perfect casting or: when Bette Davis replaced Claudette Colbert

Tonight’s “Martini & a Movie” screening at the Fairfield Theatre Company continues my 10-month series of films that celebrate — and criticize — just about everything to do with New York City. So

Rent it now: glossy throwback to earlier movie era

Luca Guadagnino’s lush and swoony romantic 2010 film, “I Am Love,” oozes style — and just a smattering of substance — and will probably remind the baby boomers who watch it of some of the gorgeous

Knowing when to go during ‘Ghost Protocol’ or ‘War Horse’

When a young film buff friend told me there was an iPhone app designed to let you know when it was safe to take a bathroom break during a movie, I scoffed. But, sure enough, “RunPee” is now in the

‘Hypnotik’: dreaming while awake in the East Village

We get so used to small-scale, traditional storytelling in the theater that it can be hard to adjust to something surreal and non-linear like “Hypnotik: The Seer Will Doctor You Know” which opened at

NC-17 ‘Shame’ takes sex back from the pornographers

The new Steve (“Hunger”) McQueen-directed film, “Shame,” opened to mostly strong reviews last month — after stirring a lot of talk in Europe and on the U.S. festival circuit earlier in 2011 — but it