Who needs an Oscar party when you have Twitter?

For those of us who are “civilians” — i.e. outside of the Hollywood film industry — watching the Oscars has been a long-running, annual orgy of snark.

Picking apart the fashion ensembles of the actresses.

Questioning the taste of the industry folk when they give an Oscar to a film we hate.

Collectively rolling our eyes at the ghastly musical numbers and witless pre-envelope opening banter.

Twitter has added a whole new element of fun to watching any big TV special, with one eye on the screen and the other on the never-ending feed of commentary.

If only we had Twitter back in the days of Sasheen Littlefeather accepting an Oscar for Marlon Brando (above) or Jack Palance doing his one-armed push-ups or that streaker who raced across the stage as David Niven was about to speak (below).

What fun we could have had.

Well, tonight I’ll be joining several of my Hearst colleagues for live Twitter commentary on the whole shindig. Our comments — and your feedback — will be aggregated under the hashtag #ouroscars and you will find all of the Tweets and Oscar blog posts — and lots of terrific pictures — on a web page set up just for that purpose:


Today at 1:30 p.m. East Coast time/10:30 a.m. West Coast time, the terrific film critic Mick LaSalle and the social lead for @SFGate Jeff Elder will be doing a live Oscar chat that you can follow — or comment on — at the Twitter hashtag #ouroscars. I plan to add my two cents during this event.

With so many close races tonight, and such special guests as Barbra Streisand (her first Oscar singing performance since 1977), there should be a lot to talk about before, during and after the show.

See you at the Oscars!

Joe Meyers