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Rent it now: regaining lost youth in ‘Seconds’

Director John Frankenheimer suffered a major career setback in 1966 when “Seconds” opened to wildly mixed reviews and then bombed at the box-office. The dark and experimental movie was just a tad ahead of its time — the following year would bring “Bonnie and Clyde,” “The Graduate” and a whole new wave of challenging Hollywood […] [Read More]

The hits & misses of Broadway’s Cy Coleman

Cy Coleman never received as much attention as two of his Broadway peers — Stephen Sondheim and Jerry Herman — but he had a long, successful and unusually diverse career as a theater composer. Endlessly adaptable, Coleman created shows in so many different musical styles — from the brassy Broadway sound of “Sweet Charity” to […] [Read More]

‘Venetian Affair’: in praise of Robert Vaughn

The Warner Archive DVD-on-demand operation does a great job of serving fans’ needs for obscure movies both on the high and low ends of the Hollywood scale. The company has brought unjustly neglected gems such as “Just Tell What You Want” and “Mike’s Murder” back from the dead, but they have also unearthed goofy guilty […] [Read More]

Rent it now: getting lost in ‘The Shining’

The documentary “Room 237” is a very entertaining look at the borderline madness that has gripped obsessive fans of the 1980 Stanley Kubrick film “The Shining.” A movie that many of us remember as a really slow and really badly acted horror movie somehow became a touchstone for people who have watched it repeatedly on […] [Read More]

Bad Movies We Love: ‘Frogs’ — Ray Milland laid low

If you have Amazon Prime or Netflix, you don’t need to spend an extra penny to see one of the goofiest environmental horror movies ever made — “Frogs.” Although it’s a little too slow and serious for camp classic status, once the 1972 American-International epic kicks into high gear there are lots of laughs to […] [Read More]

The scariest horror movie of the new century?

I had fun recently talking with a writer friend about the new crop of horror pictures with both of us agreeing that “It Follows” takes a mostly smart and fresh approach, but eventually falls apart due to story problems. When we shared favorite examples of the genre I forgot “The Mist.” Adapted from a Stephen […] [Read More]

Players change, but Hollywood ‘scandals’ are eternal

Hollywood followers are still trying to figure out John Travolta’s bizarre behavior at the Academy Awards show two months ago, with more fuel added to the fire by a much talked-about HBO Scientology documentary which suggested the star has been a puppet of that “church” for decades. The names are always changing but the public’s […] [Read More]

Second season of ‘Looking’ gets early digital release

HBO has been loosening up its rigid distribution and release patterns in recent months. What was originally a cable-only service was just made available for streaming via Apple devices with the new HBO Now app, no doubt angering cable giants like Comcast and Time Warner who used to be the exclusive providers of new episodes […] [Read More]