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‘The Sartorialist’: ten years of street fashion

Penguin Books is celebrating 10 years of Scott Schuman’s influential photography blog with “The Sartorialist X,” a beautifully designed and compact look at his photos of the street attire of both

‘Pawn Sacrifice’: the genius & madness of Bobby Fischer

The new biodrama “Pawn Sacrifice” about the chess champion Bobby Fischer, doesn’t seem to be attracting much attention from U.S. movie audiences. With so many other highly touted fall releases opening

Rent it now: ‘Adore’ & taboo sexual relationships

In this country, the Australian-French co-production “Adore” debuted simultaneously in a handful of theaters and as an on-demand title from many of the cable and Internet download services (I watched

Underrated performance: Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren

The mixed-to-negative reviews and a higher profile Alfred Hitchcock biopic released within the same month, kept me from checking out the 2012 HBO/BBC film “The Girl” when it aired. It’s understandable

When movies play fast & loose with facts

Fall marks the real start of Oscar season which means lots of historical dramas and other based-on-fact prestige pictures that tend to get awards. However, with these theoretical “non-fiction” movies

Bad Movies We Love: ‘Rich and Famous’

Veteran Hollywood director George Cukor’s final film, “Rich and Famous,” was not well reviewed when it debuted in 1981 and the box-office results were mediocre. A mini-controversy erupted when New

Channel 13 airs ‘Rasheeda Speaking’

The terrific comedy by Joel Drake Johnson that the Signature Theatre produced last winter — “Rasheeda Speaking” — kicks off the new season of “Theater Close-up” tomorrow night at 9 on Channel 13. The

CrimeCONN 2: murder & mayhem in Westport

I had a great time and learned a lot at the second CrimeCONN at the Westport Library on Sunday. The day-long event featured panels on crime fiction, along with fascinating presentations by people who

The woman who made up her 9/11 tragedy

The ease with which a good sob story generally will go unquestioned was demonstrated for the zillionth time two years ago with that weird tale out of South Bend, Indiana, about the football player

‘Back Row’: an outsider’s look at fashion

Amy Odell cuts through a lot of the bull in the fashion business and the fashion media in her witty new memoir, “Tales from the Back Row” (Simon and Schuster). Now the editor at Odell