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Rediscovering 1970s female filmmakers

The other night surfing on Amazon Instant, I stumbled on a long forgotten 1977 film, “First Love,” directed by Joan Darling. The movie is a seriously flawed romantic drama, starring the bland William Katt and Susan Dey, but Darling’s acute sensitivity to one supporting character, played by Beverly D’Angelo, is striking. D’Angelo portrays a lonely […] [Read More]

World ends with a bang in ‘Kaboom’

The 2010 Gregg Araki picture, “Kaboom,” opened in only a few theaters in urban areas, to good reviews and strong business, but in most locations it was available strictly for in-home viewing through the video on demand service Sundance Selects. This relatively new release pattern has been controversial among those who run art houses in the suburbs and college towns […] [Read More]

Two years in the world of porn

The adult film business reportedly outgrosses all professional sports revenues in this country, but there have been very few serious documentaries on the subject since “Deep Throat” pushed the XXX industry into the mainstream 43 years ago. The New York photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders did a good 2006 HBO film about the making of his porn actor […] [Read More]

The return of the hilarious ‘Kapow-i GoGo’

Great news! The funniest show I’ve seen this year is returning for a single marathon performance tomorrow at 1 p.m. First hatched as part of the late-night #serials program at The Flea Theater, “Kapow-i GoGo” moved on to the Peoples Improv Theater in Manhattan earlier this year, where it started gathering a cult following almost […] [Read More]

‘Best of Enemies’ launches Hearst movie meet-up

It will be my pleasure tonight to host the first movie meet-up – “Movie and a Martini” — that is part of the new S magazine that will be launched in the four Hearst Connecticut newspapers on Sept. 27. Everyone involved with S is excited about this venture that will be covering food, arts, fashion […] [Read More]

‘Bum Rap’: make time for another perfect beach book

I don’t know about you, but I’m not letting go of summer without a fight. With at least one extended beach jaunt ahead, I plan to polish off a few more escapist reads before fall rolls in. If you’re looking for another perfect beach book, you should pick up Paul Levine’s “Bum Rap” (Thomas & […] [Read More]

‘Love & Money’: the corruption of wealth

The new A.R. Gurney play, “Love & Money,” is polished and engaging but slight – the theatrical equivalent of a nicely put together short story. After last month’s world premiere at the Westport Country Playhouse, directed by Mark Lamos, the 70-minute, one-act play has just reopened at the Signature Theatre in New York City where […] [Read More]

‘Devil’s Bridge’: taking chances with success

Although it might seem foolhardy to mess with a winning formula, Linda Fairstein has taken a big chance with her latest New York City crime novel, “Devil’s Bridge” (Dutton). Fans such as myself have come to rely on the author for some of the smartest and most suspenseful books in the mystery genre, and she […] [Read More]