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Rent it now: the original ‘Out-of-Towners’

When I watched the reissued DVD of “The Out-of-Towners” (1970) I was very happy to see that the movie is as entertaining as ever. The comic teamwork of Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis — as an Ohio couple on a disastrous job interview trip to Manhattan — is nothing short of fabulous. Lemmon keeps his character’s […] [Read More]

Bad Movies We Love: Brando & Redford in ‘The Chase’

If you want to stump your friends with a trivia quiz ask them to name the movie that co-starred Marlon Brando and Robert Redford. There’s a reason that many people have never heard of the movie in question — “The Chase” — because this 1966 picture about life in an out-of-control small Texas town is […] [Read More]

#FridayReads ‘The Great Parade’ by Peter Filichia

Most theater lovers probably fantasize about time travel as they wander the streets of Manhattan’s Theater District and think of all the great shows that were once produced at venerable theaters like the St. James, the Music Box and the Winter Garden. If I had access to a time machine I probably wouldn’t zoom around […] [Read More]

Whatever happened to the stage thriller?

It was fun to see the Walnut Street Theatre’s current production of “And Then There Were None” (above) in Philadelphia a few weeks ago. I didn’t know that Agatha Christie had turned one of her most popular novels into a play in 1943 or that she gave her story of a group of house guests […] [Read More]

‘Kapow-i GoGo’: ‘Hunger Games’ on acid

First hatched as part of the late-night #serials program at The Flea Theater, “Kapow-i GoGo” has moved on to an extended life at the Peoples Improv Theater. Produced in three 90-minute parts — each containing three “episodes” — this mash-up of comic books, Young Adult dystopian novels and martial arts movies is dangerously funny. I […] [Read More]

‘The Jinx’: HBO hit now available as digital download

What mystery or horror film could compare with the HBO documentary series “The Jinx”? The story of New York real estate heir Robert Durst and his connection to one mysterious disappearance and two murders might be dismissed as over-the-top if it was the plot of a novel. Here’s a guy who admitted he killed a […] [Read More]

‘Hamilton’: somewhere Joe Papp is smiling

The Public Theater production of “Hamilton” is sold out and will close May 3, but it seems destined to have a long life on Broadway after it reopens there in July. I saw the show on Saturday and it feels like an instant classic — a musical that will take its place alongside “A Chorus […] [Read More]

Rent it now: the still dazzling ‘Something Wild’

Negative critical overviews of the Hollywood movies released during the 1980s tend to dwell on the huge hits — the Indiana Jones franchise, “Top Gun,” “Beverly Hills Cop” etc. — and feel-good blockbusters on the order of “Flashdance” and “Footloose.” It’s easy to make the decade appear to be a pale echo of the so-called […] [Read More]