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Wendy Wasserstein’s forgotten movie

“The Object of My Affection” broke new romantic comedy ground in 1998 with its story of a New York City woman who befriends and then falls in love with a gay man. While the plot might have seemed

A quintessential 1970s Jeff Bridges vehicle

If you want to see why it took so long for Jeff Bridges to win an Oscar, rent “Winter Kills,” the fabulous thriller/satire/horror-comedy that the actor starred in 37 years ago. Bridges is terrific in

A look back at Martin Scorsese milestones

The text is as strong as the images in the lavish Abrams coffee table book, “Martin Scorsese: A Retrospective.” Former Sunday Times of London film critic Tom Shone, who now teaches at New York

‘Roma’: Fellini ‘sketchbook’ returns

The Criterion Collection is releasing beautifully restored DVD and Blu-Ray versions of the 1972 Federico Fellini film, “Roma,” on Dec. 13. The more than slightly eccentric tribute to the city of Rome

‘Night School’: how does Lee Child do it?

The new Lee Child, “Night School” (Delacorte Press), opens and closes at awards ceremonies for the author’s hero Jack Reacher. If you think that telling you how the new bestseller ends is a

‘Sexplosion’: testing artistic limits in the ’60s

HarperCollins’ !t Books division published Robert Hofler’s “Sexplosion” to less press attention than it deserved. The book is an illuminating and entertaining look back at the late 1960s when

Bad Movies We Love: ‘Where Love Has Gone’

“50 Shades of Grey” author E.L. James has nothing on the late great Harold Robbins when it comes to bestselling smut. Robbins too was accused of peddling porn disguised as popular fiction and had his

‘Other People’s Money’: back to the present

Jerry Sterner’s “Other People’s Money” is a play that’s almost 30 years old, but the new production at Long Wharf Theatre makes it feel as fresh as today’s newspaper. Set in Rhode Island and New York

‘Loving’: another Obama era artifact?

It’s a tricky business creating a political work of art in one era that has to adjust to the realities of a new one. When the Mike Pence flap happened at “Hamilton” a few weeks ago, it occurred to me

In praise of Amy Adams

It seems likely that Amy Adams will add another Oscar nomination to her resume for the current hit “Arrival” (below), which is an unusually smart science-fiction film. Although the trailers and other