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‘That Sugar Film’: much more than a spoonful

Taking a page from Morgan Spurlock’s book, the Australian actor-director Damon Gameau used himself as a guinea pig to create the alarming new documentary “That Sugar Film.” Spurlock warned us of the health dangers of a fast food diet in his 2004 hit, “Supersize Me,” but Gameau’s film is even more unsettling because it shows […] [Read More]

‘Deadly Assets’: W.E.B. Griffin’s Philly cop series

The maintenance of a long-running crime novel series can be tricky. Should the writer age his or her character another year with each new book or keep mining one small slice of time as Sue Grafton has done in her 1970s era Kinsey Milhone novels? W.E.B. Griffin did something very radical in the eighth book […] [Read More]

New York City from 250 points of view

Rizzoli published a gorgeous book — “New York: A Photographer’s City” — that demonstrates how you can never get to the bottom of the allure of New York City. Edited by gallery operator Marla Hamburg Kennedy, the collection of pictures will reinforce the belief of many who live in the city that there isn’t much […] [Read More]

The hard-to-find film obsessions of Bruce Weber

Most media savvy people have seen many of Bruce Weber’s photos over the past 40 years — in editorial layouts for Vogue and Vanity Fair, and in ad campaigns for Abercrombie + Fitch and Ralph Lauren — but his long career as a filmmaker is not nearly as well known. The ultimate independent director, Weber […] [Read More]

‘Sellebrity’: the privacy issues of famous people

You should take a look at celebrity photographer Kevin Mazur’s very entertaining and very provocative 2012 documentary “Sellebrity” which shows what it would be like to have bands of paparazzi — professional and otherwise — tailing you 24/7. Although some of the promotional material made the film appear to be a bunch of show biz folk […] [Read More]

Rent it now: Annette Bening in ‘Mother and Child’

Annette Bening got a lot of well-deserved attention 2010 for her work in “The Kids Are Alright” — including an Oscar nomination — but few have seen the other superb performance she gave that year, as an emotionally closed-off middle-aged Los Angeles nurse in Rodrigo Garcia’s “Mother and Child.” Karen gave up a daughter to adoption […] [Read More]

Bad Movies We Love: ‘Rome Adventure’

I had a vague feeling of deja vu as I sat through the vapid 2010 princess fantasy “Eat Pray Love” about a well-off lovelorn American woman licking her wounds, after a divorce and a bad love affair, by wolfing down pasta in Rome, avoiding squalor in India, and enjoying spa cuisine and meditation in Bali. […] [Read More]

‘Scents and Sensibility’: a dog’s POV on crime

It was such fun to do a public interview with bestselling author Spencer Quinn (aka Peter Abrahams) at the Westport Library Tuesday night. Quinn was in town to promote “Scents and Sensibility” (Atria), the eighth book in his highly successful series of mysteries about an Arizona private investigator named Bernie Little and Bernie’s partner, Chet, […] [Read More]