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Eddie Izzard: a comedian who can fill Madison Square Garden

Just a few years ago, Eddie Izzard was working in smallish downtown Manhattan venues, but now he looks right at home in the vast expanse of Madison Square Garden in the comedy special debuting today

‘To Have and To Kill’: murder in the world of daytime drama

After writing a dozen popular mysteries set in and around the New York media, Mary Jane Clark has shifted gears with “To Have and To Kill” (William Morrow), the first of a new series that follows

‘The Big Short’: finding hilarity underneath a global catastrophe

It’s hard to beat Michael Lewis’ “The Big Short” for both enlightenment and entertainment. Like a latter-day Stanley Kubrick — who somehow turned nuclear holocaust into one of the funniest and

Is ‘I Love You Phillip Morris’ too gay for America?

Jim Carrey gives the best performance of his career in “I Love You Phillip Morris” but the fact-based movie about an extraordinarily clever gay grifter took almost a year to find a distributor in this

‘Carmen’: why can’t a woman be more like a man?

I had such a good time Wednesday night at the Metropolitan Opera seeing “Carmen,” the endlessly fascinating tale of a good man who self-destructs because of an uncontrolled passion for an independent

Bon Jovi: high energy & nostalgia at the Meadowlands

Near the end of the high energy concert special “Bon Jovi — The Circle Tour: Live from New Jersey” frontman Jon Bon Jovi tells a full house at the new Meadowlands Stadium how much the old stadium

Rent it now: Haskell Wexler’s ‘Medium Cool’

“Medium Cool” didn’t get nearly as much attention as some of the other daring major studio films of the summer of 1969 — it was up against “Midnight Cowboy” and “Easy Rider” among other

‘Green Raincoat’: Lippman’s serialized novel now in book form

I’ve been a fan of Laura Lippman’s novels about Baltimore journalist-turned-private-investigator Tess Monaghan since the writer and the character made their debuts with “Baltimore Blues” in 1997.

‘Jackie as Editor’: the working life of an American icon

Greg Lawrence’s “Jackie as Editor” (Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press) gives us a whole new personal perspective on one of the most famous women of our time without ever making you feel queasy

‘Best Laid Plans’: when a ‘nice’ woman turns to prostitution

The movie industry might be mired in romantic comedy formulas that are killing a much-loved genre, but there are still delightful variations on the form being produced in the world of books. Case in