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Rent it now: John Cameron Mitchell’s ‘Shortbus’

Stamford’s Avon Theatre had me host a terrific event Thursday night, a screening of “Rabbit Hole” followed by an onstage interview with the director John Cameron Mitchell. The new film is wonderful

‘Dagenham’: a period piece that is still all too relevant

On the surface, the new British drama “Made in Dagenham” looks like a somewhat quaint period drama about the dawn of modern workplace feminism in 1968 England. The delightful Sally Hawkins (of the

A thrilling, sad end to ‘The Scottsboro Boys’

A clueless protester was shouting “Close it down!” outside the Lyceum Theatre on Sunday before the next-to-last performance of “The Scottsboro Boys.” The premature closing had more to do with

Paris when it sizzled — ‘The Luminous Years’

The home team scores a touchdown on PBS tonight. Westport documentary filmmaker Perry Miller Adato’s new movie, “Paris The Luminous Years — Toward the Making of the Modern,” is receiving its national

Is the Golden Globe nominations panel on crack?

I usually wait to write my annual Golden Globe screed until the awards ceremony itself, but a few of today’s nominations took us back to the glory days of the early 1980s when Pia Zadora was named

Still funny after all these years — Robert Klein

The most recent Robert Klein HBO special — “Unfair & Unbalanced” — debuts on DVD today and shows the 68-year-old comedian is still a master of stand-up. Klein did the first comedy special on HBO

The movie director who has never shied away from sex

Last week, producer Harvey Weinstein won his appeal to have the adults-only NC-17 rating on the Ryan Gosling-Michelle Williams picture “Blue Valentine” reduced to an R. In this country, the Motion

When Angelina Jolie isn’t enough — ‘The Tourist’

A light romantic thriller set in Venice co-starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it? Jolie delivers what is needed from her in “The Tourist” — pure unadulterated Hollywood

‘The Special Relationship’: a veiled return to ‘Monicagate’

I missed the HBO film “The Special Relationship” when it debuted on pay cable last spring. The movie sounded very enticing. Another modern political historical drama by Peter Morgan, who wrote

Very late to the ‘Fuerza Bruta’ party

Like a lot of other theater snobs, I used to resist shows like “Stomp” and “Blue Man Group” and “De La Guarda” that have taken up prime Manhattan theaters for years at a time. They’re not plays,