‘Coriolanus’: one of the ‘losers’ in the 2011 Oscar derby

It seems that every year’s end includes a few good movies that are put into limited release in New York and Los Angeles for awards consideration and then quickly disappear when they are passed over.

‘The Last Trade’: making a (financial) killing from terrorism

Save a spot near the top of your summer beach book bag for “The Last Trade” by James Conway, the terrific thriller Dutton will publish Thursday about the lengths to which some people will go to make

The Marilyn Monroe death industry gears up again

There should be a tremendous outpouring of entertainment feature stories, columns and photo essays on Marilyn Monroe in early August when we mark the 50th anniversary of the iconic star’s death.

‘Marigold Hotel’ or, actresses who don’t go under the knife

The British comedy-drama “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” has many virtues but one of the most refreshing aspects of the movie is to see a company of UK actors who have clearly avoided the plastic

‘Diner’: the 1982 classic that was saved by a film critic

Oscar-winning screenwriter William Goldman made an often quoted statement about Hollywood that it’s a business in which “Nobody knows anything.” Hits can’t be manufactured by computers and focus

‘Gossip’: three New York City women moving through time

There’s something deeply satisfying about stories that allow us to follow a small group of friends over many years — watching careers rise and fall, personal lives fit together or fly to pieces. Trios

‘Too Big to Fail’: HBO film too short to be coherent

Last spring’s made-for-HBO movie “Too Big to Fail” — based on New York Times reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin’s book of the same title — races so quickly through the events of the financial collapse of

‘Hysteria’: there’s hope for romantic comedy yet

Things have been so dire in the romantic comedy genre recently that some of its reigning stars have gone to crazy extremes. Kate Hudson appeared in a bizarre rom-com last month — “A Little Bit of