The most revolutionary movie of the 1960s?

Although French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard was never as popular with U.S. arthouse audiences as his peer Francois Truffaut, Godard’s stunning 1959 debut film, “Breathless (A Bout de

‘Ridgefield in Love’: giving romance novels a fair shake

The arbitrary distinction made by some critics (and readers) between “literary fiction” and mysteries has always driven me crazy because I happen to think that some of the best books being published

‘Patti Lupone’: when hearing is even better than reading

I’ve always had mixed feelings about audio books. In the case of most fiction, I don’t like the specific “personality” that professional readers add to a story the first time I’m exposed to it. I’d

‘Murder 203’: a perfect crime (conference) in Connecticut

It really pains me to be missing the annual Murder 203 crime writers conference in Easton this weekend. Family business will be taking me to Philadelphia, but if you’re in the neighborhood and love to

‘Judith of Bethulia’: somewhere Cecil B. DeMille is laughing

Charles Busch’s latest love/hate letter to Old Hollywood — “Judith of Bethulia” — is getting a test run through the end of the month at the Theater for the New City in Manhattan’s East Village, and

‘The Double Hour’: a thriller that actually thrills

“The Double Hour” is the sort of devilishly clever mystery that is best seen cold. Italian director Giuseppe Capotondi triggers so many twists and surprises — large and small — that the less you know

Now in paperback: ‘Concierge’ spills the beans on clients

Michael Fazio is one of Manhattan’s ultimate go-to guys and he has written a juicy, compulsively readable memoir, tell-all book, “Concierge Confidential,” which St. Martin’s Press has just reissued in

The most underrated of all Hollywood actresses?

It was fun to hear the rather tough “Fresh Air” interviewer Terry Gross go all weak in the knees on NPR on Tuesday when she got a rare interview with Doris Day on the occasion of the