‘Another Piece of My Heart’: a new direction for Jane Green

Jane Green is that rare bestselling author who has been able to reject the idea of refining a formula and sticking to it — and it has been great to watch the Westport-based writer evolve so

‘The Broken Tower’: James Franco keeps pushing limits

An object of excellent reviews for many of his film performances, actor James Franco has also been subjected to mockery for his continuing attempt to nurture an outsider image through extended college

‘Parting Glances’: a slice of gay life from the 1980s battlefield

Since last September I’ve been having a blast programming and hosting a “New York City & the movies” series for the Fairfield Theatre Company’s monthly “Martini & a Movie” night. Inspired by

‘And She Was’: a great new sleuth with total recall

Brenna Spector, the private investigator protagonist of the new Alison Gaylin suspense novel, “And She Was” (Harper), suffers from a rare neurological disorder, hyperthymestic syndrome. Those who have

‘Design for Living’: Noel Coward’s still fresh take on romance

The Noel Coward play “Design for Living” is 80 years old, but it felt fresh and modern Monday night when it was the featured attraction at the first performance of the new “Noel and Company” reading

‘The Shadow Patrol’: riveting mix of fiction & fact

Alex Berenson’s new novel “The Shadow Patrol” (G.P. Putnam’s Sons) is the sixth installment in the ex-New York Times reporter’s wonderful series of stories about John Wells, a CIA agent who is Muslim

‘Last Screening’: when movie love is taken to extremes

The icy French horror film, “Last Screening,” is about about movie watching carried to a dangerous extreme by obsessives who would just as soon replace the reality of life with a fantasy life fueled

‘Venus in Fur’: the perils of hype on Broadway

It’s always dangerous to see a show in New York City long after it has opened and the reviews have been published. If something is praised extravagantly, you go in with huge expectations and are