‘The Affair’: back where Jack Reacher started from

Lee Child’s 16th Jack Reacher adventure was published by Delacorte Press last week and if the writer’s history is any indication, the book should debut in the number one spot on the fiction bestseller

‘The Family Room’: do therapists make terrible parents?

A new comedy-drama by Aron Eli Coleite — “The Family Room” — explores the therapeutic culture of modern America in which drugs seem to be replacing old-fashioned counseling, leaving the doctors

The life and work of the most influential movie critic of our time

Near the end of her life, the great film critic Pauline Kael was asked by a journalist why she never wrote her autobiography. The critic replied that she believed she already had done that in the form

The return of ‘Ben-Hur’ in a deluxe DVD restoration

Anyone who believes old-fashioned showmanship disappeared when the movie business shifted from theaters to home viewing hasn’t seen Warner Home Video’s recently released five-disc reissue of the 1959

‘Moneyball’ or: why Brad Pitt is still worth his weight in gold

There’s a good joke just under the surface of the baseball drama “Moneyball” that opened last weekend to strong reviews and excellent box-office. The film is about an underdog baseball manager —

‘How to Make It in America’ — another HBO zeitgeist winner

HBO scored long-running hits with a girls vs. boys series (“Sex and the City”) and then a boys against the girls sitcom (“Entourage’), so it would be nice if the cable network found another cash cow

New York City + movies + booze = fun in Fairfield

I thought my days of hosting the “Martini & a Movie” series at the Fairfield Theatre Company were behind me. The screenings that ended more than a year ago were lots of fun, but the idea seemed

Snooping in other people’s homes with ‘The Selby’

Photographer, painter and writer Todd Selby (below) produced one of 2010’s most entertaining books, “The Selby Is in Your Place” (Abrams), a compilation of the “home environment” lay-outs Todd does on