Martini & a Movie: ‘Just Tell Me What You Want’

Longtime readers of this blog are aware of my affection for a wonderful but virtually unknown 1980 Sidney Lumet-Jay Presson Allen comedy “Just Tell Me What You Want.” For years I lobbied for its

‘Legrand Affair’: Errico & Michel make beautiful music together

More than five years in the making, the new Ghostlight recording “Melissa Errico: Legrand Affair” serves up the tasty combination of one of the best contemporary Broadway singers and an overview of a

‘Psycho,’ Bernard Herrmann & the sound of (movie) music

Last week as I watched “Psycho” for the umpteenth time, I wondered what the movie would have been like without Bernard Herrmann’s amazing, anxiety-filled score. Using only a string section, the

‘The Lyons’: when blood isn’t thicker than water

The new Nicky Silver play “The Lyons” is technically a comedy — the audience at the Vineyard Theater laughs almost continuously from beginning to end — but it also has to be counted among the most

‘In Time’: a sci-fi satire for the Occupy Wall Street era

The new Andrew Niccol film “In Time” only has a 37 percent rating on the Rotten Tomatoes review aggregating website and it ran a distant box-office second to “Puss in Boots” over the weekend, but

Lincoln Center Film Society celebrates ‘Hollywood’s Jew Wave’

Among the many movie revolutions of the 1960s was the way that the Hollywood studios finally allowed Jewish actors to embrace their ethnicity and Jewish writers and directors to explore their culture.

Vogue cover girl Rooney Mara: starving herself into stardom?

The November issue of Vogue has an unsettling cover story on the actress Rooney Mara, who was plucked from obscurity by director David Fincher to star in his forthcoming screen version of Stieg

Finding Debra Winger on the season three ‘In Treatment’ DVD

Debra Winger’s decision to back away from her movie career more than a decade ago — to focus on her family life — perplexed her peers and left her fans missing one of the most vibrant screen presences