‘New York in Color’: the past gets a present tense

Because so many great art photographers of the past tended to shoot New York City in black-and-white, the new Abrams book “New York in Color” will come as a revelation to fans of the metropolis and of

Are you joining the ‘Drive’ movie trailer class action lawsuit?

Movie trailers seem to keep getting worse and worse as the studios become more desperate to bludgeon us into submission. These theater ads either give away too much of the plot or they promise us

‘Heights’: have a martini with Glenn Close & Elizabeth Banks

Longtime readers of this blog are aware of my affection for a little known 2005 independent film “Heights” which I have pushed as a video rental suggestion more than once. When it came time to put

Justin & Usher: communing with the ghost of Michael Jackson

The EPIX premium channel has come up with an interesting double-feature starting tonight at 8 p.m. — first the Justin Bieber concert documentary, “Never Say Never,” and then “Usher: Live from

‘Goddess’: the fun of listening to a good story

For all of the talk of the impact of e-books on old-fashioned ink-and-paper books, few columnists seem to be dealing with the expansion of audiobooks as a significant part of the publishing industry.

Jack Cardiff: the man who shot ‘The Red Shoes’ and ‘Rambo’

Martin Scorsese says there should be more films like “Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff,” and he’s right. And the great director is not just being self-serving about a 2010 documentary in

‘The Affair’: back where Jack Reacher started from

Lee Child’s 16th Jack Reacher adventure was published by Delacorte Press last week and if the writer’s history is any indication, the book should debut in the number one spot on the fiction bestseller

‘The Family Room’: do therapists make terrible parents?

A new comedy-drama by Aron Eli Coleite — “The Family Room” — explores the therapeutic culture of modern America in which drugs seem to be replacing old-fashioned counseling, leaving the doctors