‘Completeness’: romantic comedy is alive & well on 42nd St.

Playwrights Horizons on West 42nd St. is starting its new season with a fresh, youthful romantic comedy, “Completeness” by Itamar Moses. I caught the second preview performance Saturday night and am

‘Life 2.0’: a big step beyond pornography and phone sex

The Oprah Winfrey Network will unveil a new documentary Thursday at 9 p.m. — “Life 2.0” — that explores the world of people who start substituting life online for “real world” encounters. Director

Coming: riveting Wall Street expose ‘Confidence Game’

The financial disasters of recent years have some produced excellent documentaries including the Oscar-winning “Inside Job” and “Client 9.” The other night I watched an advance screener of another

‘HotelMotel’: sex therapy and drug running on E. 27th St.

For those of us who have been following The Amoralists for a few years, the announcement that they were going to produce two plays in a Manhattan hotel room didn’t come as that much of a surprise. The

‘Sweet Smell of Success’ gets the Criterion treatment

Art and rep movie houses might be dead or dying in this age of mass releases and multiplexes, but The Criterion Collection makes it possible for you to set up shop in your own home. Classics foreign

‘Thieves’: why do we love clever criminals so much?

Heist novels and movies seem to fall into one of two categories — the charming rogue variety (i.e. “Topkapi”) or the pitch black, watch-your-back school (“The Grifters”). Peter Spiegelman has taken a

‘Civility’: the R-rated depression delight Jean Arthur never made

The other day I wrote about the pleasing convergence of popular and critical success for “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” The same thing is happening in the book world with Amor Towles’s first novel

Anne Hathaway: embracing the ripe old age of 28

Like almost everyone else who goes to the movies, I think Anne Hathaway is very talented and very easy on the eyes in everything from “The Devil Wears Prada” to “Love and Other Drugs.” The