‘Russian Dolls’: how low can reality TV go?

With the budget crunch obviously outweighing real audience-building concerns, the push for cheap reality shows on cable doesn’t appear to be lessening. Case in point: “Russian Dolls,” which is

‘Apes’ eureka! moment: make a good movie and they will come

It was wonderful to observe the convergence of good reviews, strong grosses and positive audience response to the opening of “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” over the weekend. It’s nice to see a

The Conan vs. Leno TV war book gets a paperback update

There has to be some truth to that old maxim about everyone having two businesses — their own and show business. The behind-the-scenes information on Hollywood and Broadway used to be confined to the

Can a daughter rise above her slutty, shopaholic mother?

Linda Urbach immerses the reader in mid-19th century France in the new novel, “Madame Bovary’s Daughter” (Bantam Books), but this historical novel explores issues that feel timeless. Are we hard-wired

The rise of the R-rated rom-com: or, the ‘Sex & the City’ effect

After playing it safe for too long with tame PG-13 fare, Hollywood is learning again this summer that there is a large market for R-rated romantic comedies — for men and women. “Bridesmaids” has hung

‘Wishful Drinking’: a woman under the influence

HBO Video is releasing a DVD of Carrie Fisher’s one-woman show “Wishful Drinking” that appears to have been recorded on an off night last year. Fisher toured the country in the vehicle about her

Rent it now: Adam Rapp’s debut film, ‘Winter Passing’

Adam Rapp is one of the most talented and prolific young playwrights in New York City. Each year seems to bring us one or two new productions of his tough-minded and funny scripts. Next month, Rapp

‘Serving Life’: finding redemption instead of hopelessness

Most of us have seen so many prison dramas for so many years that we’ve probably all wondered how we would do if someone locked us up and threw away the key. A maximum security prison may be the