Rent it now: The Elmore Leonard movie nobody knows

(Your faithful blogger is away this week. I thought it would be fun to run some golden oldies. For current microblogging from the road, follow the Twitter feed on this page or at @joesview on

‘Flame & Citron’: knowing who to trust in World War II

(Your faithful blogger is taking some R&R this week. I am microblogging at @joesview while I’m gone. See you June 27.) The Danish thriller/historical drama, “Flame & Citron,” didn’t get many

‘Spent’: addicted to shopping & credit cards

(Part three of my memory lane ramblings. Follow my R&R Twitter feed on this page or on Twitter at @joesview.) We’ve had countless memoirs about drug addiction and all sorts of sexual debauchery,

Another reason to love Frank Sinatra

New York magazine’s The Vulture blog ran a great 1990 letter from Frank Sinatra to the editors of The Los Angeles Times Calendar section. The Vulture cited the Letters of Note blog for this piece of

Last call for Broadway’s sexiest and funniest benefit

Tonight at 9:30 p.m. and midnight, thousands will gather at Manhattan’s Roseland Ballroom to watch the best dancers and actors on Broadway do a series of bawdy and hilarious routines at the 21st

Is ‘Company’ another sign of Broadway’s renewed health?

Last night I went to one of the local screenings of the HD recording of a recent Lincoln Center concert staging of the Stephen Sondheim musical “Company.” The show on the screen was quite wonderful,

‘Strong’: one brave Texas Ranger vs. the ‘true America’

Thrillers are one of my favorite genres, but some of the writers in this field tend to be a tad too politically conservative for my taste — it’s not a coincidence that Glenn Beck has had many of these

‘The Book of Mormon’: first top 10 cast album since 1969 (!)

Business on Broadway has been fine for the past several years — the just-ended 2010-2011 season set an all-time ticket sales record — but the music of Broadway disconnected from the mass audience a