‘Mirage’: Peter Stone before ‘Pelham 123’

Peter Stone was a rare writer who was as successful on Broadway as he was in Hollywood. In 1969, Stone was involved with one of the biggest sleeper hits in the history of Broadway — “1776” — and show
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Rent it now: Rock Hudson’s best film

Director John Frankenheimer suffered a major career setback in 1966 when “Seconds” opened to wildly mixed reviews and then bombed at the box-office. The dark and experimental movie was just a tad
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‘My Paris’: beautiful, intimate musical

Long Wharf Theatre is ending its current season on a high with a terrific new musical, “My Paris,” about the life and art of Toulouse-Lautrec. The show was given a workshop staging last year at
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‘The Meddler’ & the plight of older actresses

It’s hard to decide which was more depressing – seeing Sally Field in that “Doris” movie a few months ago or watching Susan Sarandon in the new dramedy, “The Meddler.” We all know that things are
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‘Art’: still funny, still true

18 years after its Broadway debut, Yasmina Reza’s “Art” has lost none of its bite. Like a more sophisticated variation of Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple,” the play digs deep into the nature of male
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Bobby Steggert returns to ‘My Paris’

Bobby Steggert’s recent run of daring stage performances isn’t coincidental. The actor says he’s learned to take parts in plays that scare him a bit. It’s the only way to stretch and grow as a
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‘Zero K’: do the rich know they will die?

It must gall people like Sumner Redstone and Rupert Murdoch to think that, like every other schmuck on earth, they will have to die one day. On some level, the super-rich moguls don’t behave as if
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The actor who played Fredo

It’s a great movie trivia question: what actor appeared in only five films, all of which happened to be nominated for best picture Oscars? John Cazale is the performer in question, who only lived to
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