The woman who made up her 9/11 tragedy

The ease with which a good sob story generally will go unquestioned was demonstrated for the zillionth time two years ago with that weird tale out of South Bend, Indiana, about the football player
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‘Back Row’: an outsider’s look at fashion

Amy Odell cuts through a lot of the bull in the fashion business and the fashion media in her witty new memoir, “Tales from the Back Row” (Simon and Schuster). Now the editor at Cosmopolitan.com Odell
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‘The White Ghost’: JFK as murder suspect

James R. Benn continues his remarkable historical mystery series, featuring World War II crime solver Billy Boyle, with “The White Ghost” (Soho Crime), which takes us from the European theater setting
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Second CrimeCONN set for Westport

After a successful launch last year, the second annual CrimeCONN will take place at the Westport Library on Sunday. The all-day event starts at 9 a.m. and runs through 4:30, with a wide variety of
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‘Make Me’: the amazing Lee Child

20 books in, the phenomenally successful Jack Reacher series by Lee Child shows no signs of fatigue. “Make Me” (Delacorte Press), which was published two weeks ago, demonstrates once again what might
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Sloane Shelton, R.I.P.

I was sorry to learn on Tuesday of the death last week of the wonderful veteran actress Sloane Shelton, whose stage and screen credits spanned more than 50 years, and included “The Shadow Box” and
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‘Brilliant Mind’: sensitive look at autism

“A Brilliant Young Mind” is an unusually sensitive and compelling British drama about the challenges faced by an autistic boy and his single mother. In an early scene, Nathan Ellis (Asa Butterfield)
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Making a feminist case for Elizabeth Taylor

Walker and Company published a smart little book  — “The Accidental Feminist” — in which the cultural critic M.G. Lord shows us how Elizabeth Taylor became an unlikely political barrier breaker both
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