The lost Michael Chabon adaptation

“The Mysteries of Pittsburgh” arrived on video five years ago as seriously damaged goods. Shot in 2006 and screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007, the picture received mostly withering reviews
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Mike Nichols directing Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate in 1967.

An hour with Mike Nichols tonight at 9

PBS is unveiling a new “American Masters” documentary tonight at 9 that focuses on the long and unusually varied career of director Mike Nichols. Nichols was such a potent force on stage, screen and
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‘Son of Saul’: finding meaning in horror

First-time director Laszlo Nemes finds new ways to tell a Holocaust story in “Son of Saul” and the result is one of the best (and most harrowing) movies of the past year. Nemes shows us a part of the
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Abe Vigoda & the detail work in “The Godfather”

The death of Abe Vigoda yesterday had me searching for clips of his scenes from “The Godfather.” The 94-year-old actor had a long, Emmy-nominated run on one of the most popular sitcoms of the 1970s
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‘London Spy’: an agent’s secret life

The five-part BBC2 series “London Spy” debuted on BBC America last Thursday, but it is also being made available for downloading by Amazon on a week-by-week basis. While I wished I could have
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Stockard Channing’s first shot at stardom

Although she is now one of the most respected actresses in America, Stockard Channing had a rough time establishing herself in Hollywood 40 years ago. After a series of stage roles in Boston and New
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Rent it now: a gem about school life

The French-Canadian drama “Monsieur Lazhar” was one of the four foreign language films that lost to “A Separation” in the Oscar race in 2012, but it’s a beautiful little picture about students and
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Captivated by the Woodstock crowd

It’s hard to imagine a music festival today having anything like the cultural impact of the 1969 Woodstock gathering. The three-day event that started on August 15 attracted a crowd of somewhere
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