‘Small Mouth Sounds’: the power of silence

After a test run at Ars Nova last year, Bess Wohl’s wonderful comedy-drama “Small Mouth Sounds” has just started a two-month commercial engagement off Broadway. It’s as much an experience as a play
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Out of the MGM vault – ‘Jack of Diamonds’

Caper movies were almost as popular during the 1960s as the spy pictures that followed in the wake of the James Bond phenomenon. Fueled by the huge success of “Ocean’s Eleven” in 1960 and “Topkapi”
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Great expectations at ‘The Humans’

Any movie or play or TV show that gets rave reviews and wins awards risks suffering a backlash from those latecomers who go in with raised expectations. It was thrilling to see “Hamilton” while it was
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On the road with two good B-movies

I made a fun summer double-feature out of two of my favorite guilty pleasure movies — B-movies (with a bit of pizzazz) about the dangers of cross-country travel. “Race with the Devil” is a very lively
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‘House’: the return of a gothic gem

British director Jack Clayton was a major force in changing the direction of British filmmaking with his 1959 hit “Room at the Top.” The movie starring Laurence Harvey and Simone Signoret was blunter
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‘Cinerama’: when movies got BIGGER!

A terrific documentary, “Cinerama Adventure,” kicked around the festival circuit for a few years, but was never issued on DVD. Fortunately, the feature-length film was included as an extra on the
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How do you satirize Donald Trump?

As this presidential election year gets crazier and crazier, I keep wondering what Richard Condon would make of all the madness. Condon was the satirist and thriller writer whose wild novels, from
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A terrible ‘Moment’ for Tomlin & Travolta

Part of the fun in using one of the movie download services, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, is stumbling on titles you can’t find anywhere else. While Netflix mining, I was thrilled to come across
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