‘London Spy’: an agent’s secret life

The five-part BBC2 series “London Spy” debuted on BBC America last Thursday, but it is also being made available for downloading by Amazon on a week-by-week basis. While I wished I could have
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Stockard Channing’s first shot at stardom

Although she is now one of the most respected actresses in America, Stockard Channing had a rough time establishing herself in Hollywood 40 years ago. After a series of stage roles in Boston and New
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Rent it now: a gem about school life

The French-Canadian drama “Monsieur Lazhar” was one of the four foreign language films that lost to “A Separation” in the Oscar race in 2012, but it’s a beautiful little picture about students and
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Captivated by the Woodstock crowd

It’s hard to imagine a music festival today having anything like the cultural impact of the 1969 Woodstock gathering. The three-day event that started on August 15 attracted a crowd of somewhere
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‘The Ex’: who can you trust?

Alafair Burke has created two of the most appealing characters in contemporary crime series – Ellie Hatcher and Samantha Kincaid – but her new thriller takes the novelist into the morally ambiguous
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Even Linda Lavin can’t save ‘Brief Affair’

It’s frustrating to watch a great stage actress work very hard to put across a play that defeats her. Linda Lavin has spent the past decade or so demonstrating incredible stage presence and peerless
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‘The Song Machine’: how hits are made

I just caught up with New Yorker staff writer John Seabrook’s fascinating 2015 book, “The Song Machine” (W.W. Norton), which takes us through the huge changes within the music industry over the past
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‘Train Robbery’: two sides of a crime story

Netflix has added an excellent 2013 BBC miniseries to its line-up, “The Great Train Robbery,” which examines the famous 1963 case from two different angles. The first part of the two-part series
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