A taste of the ‘Swinging London’ era

Who else but Warner Archive would deliver such a fascinating, lost oddity as the 1969 sex comedy “The Best House in London”? You probably have to be a moviegoer of a certain age to appreciate this
Chris Gaffari (left) and Robert Stanton in "What the Butler Saw." Photo by Carol Rosegg

‘What the Butler Saw’: timeless hilarity

Joe Orton’s masterful comic contraption, “What the Butler Saw,” still works like a charm in the new Westport Country Playhouse production, running through Sept. 11 The 1969 play is in the best

‘De Palma’: the business of movies

If you missed the documentary “De Palma” during its brief theatrical life earlier this year, you can watch it now via streaming services such as Amazon Instant (the DVD release is set for Sept. 13).

Gene Wilder – a good neighbor in Stamford

We were very lucky that the great actor (and writer) Gene Wilder chose to spend his retirement years in Stamford rather than in Los Angeles or New York City. After he stopped making movies, Wilder

‘She Loves Me’: old-fashioned cast album

Back in the days when Broadway cast albums topped the charts – from the 1950s into the 1970s – they were recorded as prestige items by major record labels with the full orchestra going into a studio

de Havilland film still lurid after 52 years

You wouldn’t think that a major studio release from 1964 would retain the power to shock, but the nasty little Olivia de Havilland vehicle “Lady in a Cage” still carries a tawdry charge 52 years after

‘Signpost’: Joanne Woodward at low ebb

The Warner Archive release “Signpost to Murder” takes us back to a tough period in Joanne Woodward’s movie career. The stage and TV actress had only made a couple of films when she won the Oscar for

Two summer thrillers 50 years apart

This summer marks the 50th anniversary of a movie that wasn’t much loved when it opened and whose reputation has not exactly soared over the years – the Stanley Donen espionage thriller “Arabesque,”