‘Killer Look’: fashion world murders

Linda Fairstein’s great character, Alex Cooper, is officially on leave from her job as New York City assistant district attorney in the new novel, “Killer Look” (Dutton), but she still manages to get

The un-ironic wonder of The Rockettes

When I Tweeted Saturday about the good time I had at the Radio City Music Hall’s “New York Spectacular,” starring The Rockettes, one of my social media followers wrote “man, that is SO Old School –

‘On a Clear Day…’: a flashback to 1970

Only the music has held up in the 46 years since “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever” opened in movie theaters. What was meant to be Hollywood newcomer Barbra Streisand’s third epic musical in a row

Recalling the charming Kay Kendall

The terrific Warner Archive program pulled three lesser known Vincente Minnelli films out of the vaults a few years ago — “Tea & Sympathy” (1956), “Two Weeks in Another Town” (1962) and “The

Bad Movies We Love: ‘The Swarm’

I was happy when the hilarious Manhattan gender illusionist Hedda Lettuce screened the 1978 disaster movie “The Swarm” as part of her regular Thursday night cult classics series at the Bow Tie Chelsea

‘Falling’: what is this thing called love?

Nobody is better at writing about life transitions than Jane Green. Maybe because she has gone through so many of them herself – from her native England to a new life in America, from singles
Rajesh Bose (left), Eric Bryant and Fajer Kaisi are featured in the Westport Country Playhouse production of 'The Invisible Hand.'

‘The Invisible Hand’: terrorism & banking

There’s a special theatrical excitement when you see a play that seems to connect with things that are going on in the world right now. Ayad Akhtar achieved that electric quality in his Pulitzer

‘Confirmation’: sex & politics in 1991

At the moment, TV audiences seem to be fascinated by 1990s scandals – Fox had a great success with its O.J. Simpson miniseries earlier this year and ESPN also won great praise and big audiences for