Stockard Channing’s first shot at stardom

Although she is now one of the most respected actresses in America, Stockard Channing had a rough time establishing herself in Hollywood 40 years ago. After a series of stage roles in Boston and New

Deluxe DVD treatment for ‘The Swimmer’

The Frank and Eleanor Perry film version of the John Cheever story “The Swimmer” was a resounding flop in 1968, but over the years it has acquired a cult following. The movie has always been of

The Mamet movie you’ve never heard of

If you rent the 2008 David Mamet film “Redbelt” you might be left wondering why this fascinating  film from one of America’s finest writers and directors remains a virtually unknown quantity. The

Ups & downs of life on Broadway

Dori Berinstein used her status as a stage producer to make the very revealing 2007 documentary “Show Business” which follows one stormy season on Broadway. The movie only received limited

‘Last Girl’: barrier-breaker Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was a part of the show business scene for so many years that most of us took her for granted and didn’t spend much time thinking about how she worked her way to the center of pop culture.

The daring Brando work few have seen

The 1967 John Huston film “Reflections in a Golden Eye” has never received the attention it deserves because the initial response of most critics and moviegoers was pretty dismal. An adaptation of the

‘Denial’: what great lawyers do

‘Denial’ only opened a few weeks ago but it already seems to be a dead issue in U.S. theatrical release – I attended a virtually private screening at the Bethel Cinema last week – but it’s a movie you

‘Broken Trust’: crime & politics in Philly

The 13th installment of the “Badge of Honor” crime novel series – “Broken Trust” (Putnam) – is another sharp examination of crime and police work in Philadelphia. The books co-authored by W.E.B.