A terrible ‘Moment’ for Tomlin & Travolta

Part of the fun in using one of the movie download services, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, is stumbling on titles you can’t find anywhere else. While Netflix mining, I was thrilled to come across
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‘One Dress’: making women beautiful

My July 4 weekend was considerably enlivened by Jane L. Rosen’s delightful concoction, “Nine Women, One Dress,” which Doubleday is publishing next week. Despite the title, the debut novel opens and
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Happy Independence Day!

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Rent it now: ‘Long Distance Runner’

The French New Wave of the early 1960s is still written about endlessly because the key directors of that movement, Jean-Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut, had such a major influence on Hollywood and
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Bad Movies We Love: ‘Once is Not Enough’

The headline here is a tad deceptive. “Once is Not Enough” is unquestionably bad, but “love” is the wrong word for my feelings about this 1975 Paramount adaptation of the Jacqueline Susann bestseller.
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#FridayReads: ‘Shadow War’ by Sean McFate

Sean McFate brings his own experience as an Army paratrooper, and then working for a private military corporation, to “Shadow War” (William Morrow), the first book in a strong new thriller series
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‘Privilege’: dated but ahead of its time

The “Print Screen” program of the Film Society of Lincoln Center asks a prominent writer to choose a film for a screening and discussion afterwards. Novelist and journalist Chuck Klosterman – who was
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‘Mr. Robot’: another reason to stay home

There are a few current movies I still want to catch up with – “Maggie’s Plan” and “Love & Friendship,” among them – but it was hard to be motivated to leave the house earlier this week when I
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