A love letter to Greenwich Village

Universe published a wonderful book, “Greenwich Village Stories,” about the endless possibilities and multitude of personalities that have been a part of one of the most fabled neighborhoods in New

‘The Grand’: binge-watching, British-style

Like almost everyone else, I’ve been knocked out by the ever-rising quality of American television – from “The Sopranos” almost 20 years ago, through new hits such as “Transparent” and “Mr. Robot.”

‘She Made Me Laugh’: what is a ‘friend’?

Readers and critics have been arguing about Richard Cohen’s Nora Ephron memoir/biography since it was published earlier this month. “She Made Me Laugh: My Friend Nora Ephron” (Simon and Schuster) has

What took me so long – Governor’s Island

I was lucky to be able to plan a visit to Governor’s Island in New York harbor just before it closed for the season last Sunday. Eventually, the new city park will be open year-round, but for the time

Criterion celebrates a double ‘Valley’ launch

The upscale Criterion Collection DVD brand is best known for its beautifully packaged classic films, ranging from the work of European masters such as Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni to

A late report on ‘Gypsy’

There are theater people who believe Arthur Laurents’ book for the musical “Gypsy” is so strong that it could be done as a straight play without music. The story of Gypsy Rose Lee and her stage mother

Remembering the late, great River Phoenix

Sidney Lumet guided the late great River Phoenix to an Oscar nomination for “Running on Empty,” the sensitive 1988 film about family and politics that the invaluable Warner Archive DVD-on-demand

A guide to romance in New York City

There are more than a few websites and Facebook pages devoted to bitching and moaning about the ever-changing scene in New York City. Each restaurant and dive bar closing is mourned by people who keep