‘Stealing Home’: forgotten Jodie Foster film

The Warner Archive DVD-on-demand program has just added “Stealing Home” to its library. The 1988 nostalgic romantic drama is seriously flawed – parts of it are downright awful – but Jodie Foster
LOGGERHEADS, Robin Weigert, Bonie Hunt, 2005. ©Strand Releasing

Lost in the shuffle: indie gem ‘Loggerheads’

So many independent films play the festival circuit each year that most of them fail to grab the golden ring represented by the important distributors of non-studio fare. When subsidiaries of the

‘Hideaway’: mourning an addict’s death

The French writer-director Francois Ozon had a taste of U.S. mainstream success with his 2003 thriller, “Swimming Pool,” in which Charlotte Rampling played a suspense novelist who began to get lost in

Bad Movies We Love: ‘Staying Alive’

Theater fans bitched about the “unreality” of NBC’s 2012 Broadway series “Smash” and then they complained about the ludicrous depiction of the life of a New York stage actress in a short-lived Kirstie

‘Animal Kingdom’: the return of Ellen Barkin

It’s great to see Ellen Barkin back in action as the criminal matriarch in the TNT summer series “Animal Kingdom.” The show is based on a 2010 Australian film with the same title, but it has been

‘Election Year’: a B-movie with a kick

The three low-budget “Purge” movies, written and directed by James DeMonaco, have explored contemporary American politics in ways that scare mainstream Hollywood moviemakers. Because he has worked on

‘Guilty Minds’: Supreme Court sex scandal

Dutton is publishing Joseph Finder’s thirteenth novel today, but there is nothing unlucky about “Guilty Minds.” Finder is one of the best contemporary thriller writers and the new one is a terrific

Summer in NYC with Jean Arthur

In all of the remake mania of the past few decades, I’ve been surprised that no one has ever taken a look at the wonderful 1941 RKO romantic comedy “The Devil and Miss Jones.” It’s funny and sexy and