‘For the Love of Movies’ — Pauline Kael & Co.

The 2007 Gerald Peary documentary “For the Love of Movies” is available via Netflix streaming, and it’s an entertaining look at the parallel histories of movies and movie critics over the past
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‘Is Paris Burning?’: finding a lost film

Browsing on Amazon Instant I came across “Is Paris Burning?” the 1966 Paramount epic based on the non-fiction bestseller of the same title by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre. The movie was
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A forgotten piece of smut from 1968

The terrific Warner Archive program released another horribly fascinating DVD a few years ago — a painfully out of touch MGM comedy from 1968, “The Impossible Years.” When I say “out of touch” I
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‘Two Brains’: Steve Martin’s funniest movie?

I remember enjoying the early Steve Martin movie “The Man with Two Brains” when it opened during the summer of 1983, but it seems even funnier now, thanks to the Warner Archive DVD reissue. There is
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‘Candidate’ from page to screen (twice)

Film books published by universities are often unreadably academic, but I had the best time with “What Have They Built You to Do?” (University of Minnesota Press), by Matthew Frye Jacobson and Gaspar
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‘American Hippie’: Israeli counterculture relic resurfaces

Never released in this country, and long forgotten in its homeland, the 1972 Israeli production “An American Hippie in Israel” has been generating cult movie attention since Grindhouse Releasing put
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‘Renaissance’ – a return to the ‘Rat Pack’ era

I was lucky to see one of the first performances of “Music of the Mad Men Era,” a show Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson put together five years ago. Jackson teamed up with the New York Pops in 2011 for
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Back to the 1980s with Nikki Haskell

The kitschy “Nikki Haskell Show,” which was a cable TV staple in the early 1980s, is back in the form of 16 random episodes that were recently added to the Amazon Prime streaming service. Haskell
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