A guide to romance in New York City

There are more than a few websites and Facebook pages devoted to bitching and moaning about the ever-changing scene in New York City. Each restaurant and dive bar closing is mourned by people who keep

Hollywood in 1970s breakdown mode

As a movie, the 1970 Paul Mazursky comedy “Alex in Wonderland” is only so-so, but for students of Hollywood it’s a vivid time capsule of a transition period in film history. The very eccentric and

Angela Lansbury in her scene stealer days

Warner Archive released a DVD-on-demand version of a long-forgotten 1964 romantic comedy “Dear Heart” starring Geraldine Page and Glenn Ford. The movie was widely panned 52 years ago, and more or less

‘My Salinger Year’: coming of age in the publishing world

Vintage Books published a paperback edition of Joanna Rakoff’s justly acclaimed 2014 memoir, “My Salinger Year,” about her first post-college New York City job at a literary agency. Rakoff had no way

The hits & misses of Broadway’s Cy Coleman

Cy Coleman never received as much attention as two of his Broadway peers — Stephen Sondheim and Jerry Herman — but he had a long, successful and unusually diverse career as a theater composer.

When a movie is better at home

Nine times out of ten, I’m a believer in seeing movies in theaters rather than at home on television, but ever since the introduction of the DVD and its technical improvements in transferring film to

‘People I Know’: the lost Al Pacino movie

You wouldn’t think that a movie starring Al Pacino and Kim Basinger would sit on a shelf for two years and then get a cursory theatrical release that earned only a little more than $100,000. But

The not so discreet charm of Lilli Palmer

The other night as I was scrolling through the nearly endless offerings on the Amazon Prime streaming service, I noticed the 1961 comedy “The Pleasure of His Company” starring Fred Astaire and decided