de Havilland film still lurid after 52 years

You wouldn’t think that a major studio release from 1964 would retain the power to shock, but the nasty little Olivia de Havilland vehicle “Lady in a Cage” still carries a tawdry charge 52 years after

‘Signpost’: Joanne Woodward at low ebb

The Warner Archive release “Signpost to Murder” takes us back to a tough period in Joanne Woodward’s movie career. The stage and TV actress had only made a couple of films when she won the Oscar for

Two summer thrillers 50 years apart

This summer marks the 50th anniversary of a movie that wasn’t much loved when it opened and whose reputation has not exactly soared over the years – the Stanley Donen espionage thriller “Arabesque,”

Have you ever seen ‘Box of Moonlight’?

Sam Rockwell hasn’t achieved A-list stardom, but he is one of the finest actors in this country, with outstanding film and stage performances going back more than two decades. Years ago, before he

‘Equity’: women on Wall Street

The new independent film “Equity” has a lot going for it. The subject matter – the special pressures faced by women working on Wall Street — is fresh. The cast, headed by the wonderful stage and TV

‘The Dollhouse’: 1950s Manhattan vs. now

A mix of mystery, romance, and historical fiction, “The Dollhouse” by Fiona Davis contrasts the lives of striving young New York City women 60 years ago and today. The debut novel that Dutton is

The return of the double feature

Once a staple of art houses, the classic double feature disappeared long ago. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, it was common practice for theaters specializing in foreign films and vintage American movies

Two years in the world of porn

The adult film business reportedly outgrosses all professional sports revenues in this country, but there have been very few serious documentaries on the subject since “Deep Throat” pushed the XXX