Vilmos & Haskell – movie revolutionaries

The 1960s and 1970s are celebrated as the time when filmmakers in Hollywood finally gained the same degree of control over their work as the great European directors of the post-World War II era. For
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‘Jodorowsky’s Dune’: the one that got away

Movie history is littered with tantalizing unrealized projects by visionary directors. Stanley Kubrick never got around to making the Napoleon epic he worked on for years. Fred Zinnemann had the plug
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Romantic comedy is alive & well (in France)

Romantic comedy seems to be dead in this country — leaving a whole slew of young actresses exiled from the multiplexes — but judging by “2 Autumns, 3 Winters” the genre is alive and well in France.
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Bad Movies We Love: ‘Where Love Has Gone’

“50 Shades of Grey” author E.L. James has nothing on the late great Harold Robbins when it comes to bestselling smut. Robbins too was accused of peddling porn disguised as popular fiction and had his
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Happy New Year!

+ some words of wisdom from Victor Young, Ned Washington & Joe Young ‘A Hundred Years from Today’ Don’t save your kisses, just pass ’em around You’ll find my reason is logically sound Who’s gonna
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‘While We’re Young’: a 1970s style social comedy

If you miss the sharply satirical comedies that Paul Mazursky made during the 1970s you should check out “While We’re Young,” which was recently added to Amazon Video and Netflix. The Noah Baumback
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The challenge of making non-porn sex films

The latest Gaspar (“Enter the Void”) Noe movie, “Love,” stirred up controversy at Cannes last spring for its unsimulated sex scenes and 3D cinematography. Noe has always been a button-pusher,
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In praise of Brian D’Arcy James

I finally caught up with “Something Rotten!” (above) over the weekend, and it left me thinking once again that Brian D’Arcy James has to be one of the best all-purpose American actors. It has been a
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