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A very un-sexy movie about sex

Director George Cukor never hid the fact that he had a very bad time in post-production on his 1962 film, “The Chapman Report.” The movie lost 20 minutes at the hands of a studio editor — who worked

Bad Movies We Love: Brando & Redford in ‘The Chase’

If you want to stump your friends with a trivia quiz ask them to name the movie that co-starred Marlon Brando and Robert Redford. There’s a reason that many people have never heard of the movie in

Jane Fonda at the dawn of the 1960s

Warner Archive offers a DVD-on-demand version of the 1960 comedy that gave Jane Fonda her first screen role — “Tall Story” — and while it by no means qualifies as a good movie, as a Hollywood and pop

‘Can I Go Now?’: the agent who became a legend

The nuts and bolts of movie career building and maintenance is the underlying subject of Brian Kellow’s compulsively readable “Can I Go Now?” a biography of the Hollywood agent Sue Mengers, who died

‘The Newsroom’ ends on a high

I’ve run into lots of people who loved the Aaron Sorkin HBO series “The Newsroom,” but it never got the media love necessary for it to turn into one of those “hot” cable shows like “Girls” or

When Hollywood studio films were built around women

Meryl Streep’s 19th Oscar nomination last week was another triumph for an actress who has managed to find good parts on a very regular basis since she started working in movies in 1977. Now 65, Streep

Film Society series ‘Man of Steel’ marks Lancaster’s 100th birthday

Born in New York City the same year that Grand Central Terminal opened, Burt Lancaster became the rare movie star of his era who insisted on miscasting himself (in the eyes of studio chiefs) in a

‘Miss Representation’: where do women find role models?

I’ve written here before about the wonderful documentary programming on the new Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), but the film debuting tonight at 9 p.m. — “Miss Representation” — is not up to the high

A late report on the funny and scary ‘Squealer’

Mixing elements of Sam Shepard, Lanford Wilson’s “Balm in Gilead” and those backwoods Southern horror movies (i.e. “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”) Jonathan Blitstein has cooked up a wild and woolly play

Scenes from Judi Dench’s brilliant career

Judi Dench sets us straight right at the start of her brisk new memoir, “And Furthermore” (St. Martin’s Press): “I do not consider this an autobiography. I have neither the time nor the skill to write