Bridgeporters under siege in every way

There’s a letter to the editor in today’s Connecticut Post from JD Snyder of Shelton that has to hit everyone of us in the gut — regardless of where you live. 

The headline on Snyder’s letter is “Happy to be out of the city.”  It’s a disturbing letter, and the most pitiful part is how Snyder recounts that folks like him learned to live in 1995 on the West End of the city, near where a 3-year-old was just shot.

“Shots would ring out again as soon as they [the cops] left. The folks would huddle towards the middle of their houses and avoid the windows so as not to be hit by an errant round.”

The way I see it, that’s not living in a neigbhorhood. What Snyder describes is what it’s like to live under siege in a war zone.

Meanwhile, the City of Bridpeport is preparing to pass its budget. And to hear taxpayers and the group Stop the Tax Increases, property owners and renters are buckling under the high cost of living .  Take a look at the proposed 42.34 mill rate the City Council will be voting on Monday. It’s up a whopping 6.8 percent. Republican Town Committee Chair John Slatter presented a comparison at one of the city’s budget workshops that shows what recent homes in Bridgeport, Darien and Greenwich sold for and what their taxes stand at.  Here’s the link:  Take a look. The comparison is quite glaring.

In an effort to drive home residents’ dissatisfaction with Bridgeport’s proposed $518 million budget ($518 million sounds so much better than half a billion dollar budget, no?), which is a $2.4 million increase, Stop the Tax Increases will host a rally on Saturday, 1:30 p.m., outside the City Hall Annex on Broad Street. For more details or to check out Stop the Tax Increases’  petition go to:

MariAn Gail Brown