Professional kudos …and your take on an injustice

As readers of this newspaper know, the Connecticut Post and Hearst  Connecticut Newspapers, of which this paper is a part, received 94 awards last Thursday from the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalist.

It’s always gratifying when our peers recognize the work we do.  I’m glad (and hunbled) to be part of this calling, and to taken both the first-place and second-place honors in the general column category.  As the situation I wrote about in my column “Stratford’s hard line on these kids an injustice” continues today in many school districts, I believe it’s important to post the link to that award-winning column and ask for your take on remedying this situation.  It’s a situation grandparents face, as well as divorced couples everyday in a school district near you. More can and should be done to rectify this situation so that a grandparent or caregiver of a school-aged child doesn’t have to face this predicament and its fallout.  Thanks for reading, and for offering your opinions, too.

MariAn Gail Brown