A follow up on Tim Carter and one reader’s reaction to his plight

As time goes on, one of the things you’ll see as you check into my blog is that I will post reactions from you to my columns.  Over the Memorial Day weekend, I got an email from Alice C. Ferreira of Trumbull about her take on Tim Carter’s plight — and what she is doing about it.  I hope her words and her generosity inspire you as much as it did me. Great going, Alice. And thank you for telling me what you think, MariAn

Hello. I just read your column on Tim Carter.

My sister-in-law, who passed away on my birthday, lived across the street since moving to Trumbull a decade ago. This June 29 will mark the one year anniversary of her passing after a long battle with breast cancer.

This family, suffering and surviving, never ever showed signs of feeling sorry for themselves and always had an encouraging smile for me when I went to pick up Julia for a dreaded chemo appointment.
I always noticed the van and nurses and wondered how they had the strength to keep on going. Day after day, year after year I looked for the wave that said, “we are with you. ”

I have been trying to think of a way to mark my sister in law’s passing in a positive way. I know family members were worried I would never be able to enjoy my birthday. I wondered the same thing.

I have for months looking for an immediate, impactful and visual way to celebrate life on this day and not focus on the sorrow and pain my family carries about this dreaded disease that stripped her life away at 43 when she earned the right to a long life alongside her young daughters.

So thank you for telling us this story. I am so happy to make a donation in my family’s name.
A check from me will not get him his van tomorrow, but I absolutely know my sister in law would be the first to write the check when she read your column. So, I am somewhat at peace knowing I found a way to show Julia we have not forgotten her and found a way to keep her memory alive by helping others in meaningful ways.

It is great to see that the CT POST is making the investment in your column and allowing readers to get close to people and issues that bring us all together thru the joys and troubles of humanity.

Hopefully by sharing our family’s story, others will find a small way of making a donation. It would be great to read the newspaper and see that we can come together and help our fellow man.

Please feel free to share and print this letter.

Thank you

MariAn Gail Brown